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Go BackDEEPGROOVE GO ‘UNDERWATER’... for their first ‘Solo’ project!

Posted: 13/10/06 13:32

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Djs/ producers/ promoters/ party animals Deepgroove have capped off a fine summer with their first mix compilation brought to you on Darren Emerson's Underwater label. 

Underwater’s 'Solo' is a new series to showcase the labels biggest artist's DJ sets on two mixed CDs. Hot Bristol duo Deepgroove, have been very prolific over the last 12 months releasing a string of tracks and remixes with their profile rising quickly. This is Deepgroove’s first mix compilation, which will showcase the energy and quality of their DJ sets. The track listing is strong with tracks from Soma, Get Physical, Klang Elektronik, Kompakt etc as well as some exclusive Deepgroove edits. 

Darren Emerson ...“ The idea behind the Solo series is to offer an opportunity to our favourite producers and DJ's to showcase their DJ sets. It's also a chance for people who've seen the artist play out and loved it to be able to bring the mix home. The first time I saw Deepgroove playing out was a few years ago and I remember thinking "these guys are really tearing it up". I was also playing some of their tunes at the time…since then I've seen them consistently rock the place, just a real party vibe…The mix is exactly what I expected, a selection of the best tunes out there at the moment and something that makes you wanna dance…”

Deepgroove said "What an honour to be asked by Darren to mix the inaugural episode of Underwater's new “Solo Series". Few labels hold such a special place in our hearts, but then this label is responsible for more than their fair share of seminal club bangers over the years. These two CDs are a snapshot of what"s setting our pulses racing at the moment; a blurring of the boundaries between techno, house, minimal & next level, bleep-driven rave. It’s about not knowing what time it is outside of the dark sweaty room you're in, making best friends with the everyone on the dancefloor, and realising you have been wearing an old woman’s dress for the last two hours. As the UK once again becomes a house nation, the genres of dance music slowly slip away to reveal a beating heart of filthy rave energy. We hope this music twists your brain, shocks you out, quickens your breath and gets your hands in the air. Play it very loud, dance until you fall over and we will meet you down the front. And don’t forget to be proud to wear that smile upside-down.”

Who are Deepgroove, what are you known for?
We are Lee Pattison and Grayson Shipley. We produce heavy big room house with lots of bass and head twisting weirdness. We're not quite sure that´s its fair but we seem to have garnered a reputation for high jinx and staying out forever. As we have quite high standards we personally feel we still have a bit to learn. 

How and when did you meet and what was your first collaboration?
We first met twelve years ago when Grayson was resident at Lakota, the West’s seminal house club and Lee was a young raver wearing bright yellow workmen’s trousers! Five years later we were both DJ’ing on the Bristol circuit and always seemed to be the last standing at 7am on a Monday when most normal people were going to work. It was either team up or make friends with the Stokes Croft tramps. One morning we hatched a plan to start our own club, PLAY, which would feature the kind of stupidity that characterised the Thursday to Sunday rolling house parties at Grayson’s. A beautiful partnership grew from there.

We then stalked our production hero D. Ramirez and when we had sufficient dirt on him, which to be honest was not that difficult, we completed our collaboration 'Kemical’ which got signed to Junior Records

Who brings what to the table and how would you describe working together? 
Grayson brings pies; Lee always brings chips, so are always happy and compliment each other in a weird way. 

Tell us about the Solo Series mix:
We had done a remix for Darren Emerson’s label (Eyerer & Chopstick’s "She Love’s It ) that he was really happy with and so invited us to DJ with him at Underwater’s monthly bash at The End. We played the last two and a half hours to a packed main room, had the time off our lives and ticked off a major life goal.  

What are the big tracks on the compilation and how did you go about mixing it?
We spend a lot of time making our own edits of tracks and then playing them out to make sure we have the most dancefloor damaging tracks on the planet! These get tweaked on a weekly basis to make sure they are properly rolling for the dancefloor. A mail out to our favourite labels and producers about the compilation brought a flood of new material and we have tried to select records that are fresh takes on timeless house. The kind of stuff that will sound exciting and credible in a few years time. It also seemed important to pull in tracks that we felt would grow over the summer so the mix can reflect people’s experiences of clubbing in 2006. 

We would say they are all big tracks, but some particular favourites are Booka Shade ‘Trespass’ that we were really happy about getting, Loco Dice ‘Seeing Through Shadows’ - an Ibiza anthem, Unit 4 ‘Body Dub’ is a classic and of course our edit of the amazing and timeless Hardfloor ‘Acperience’. 

How would you describe your mix? 
A blurring of techno, house, minimal and next level, bleep driven rave; it’s our take on what’s storming the house scene at the moment – a return to the roots of what house and techno are about, but as it’s us were approaching it from with a rocking attitude, even if we’re playing the same tracks as some of the minimal bods.

How important is Darren Emerson and the Underwater label?
Darren is an absolute legend – few people have touched as many people in the world of dance music. Being in a band like Underworld from such a young age means he knows absolutely everybody! And there are literally only one or two labels in the world with a profile like Underwater that can reach out to people other than DJ’s 

What is pushing your buttons at the mo?
Rocking nightclubs, the wave of after-hours action that the relaxing of the UK’s licensing laws has created, how exciting house music has become again, pies and our new Apple MAC! 

Can you tell us about your upcoming world tour?
We already have dates in Shanghai, Singapore MoS, Canada, Poland, Russia, Shindig, Ministry of Sound (main room) alongside Junior Jack & Kid Crème, Norwich, Blackpool, Russia, The End with Darren Emerson, Plug in Sheffield, and a couple of short tours of Australia and America. So we are very, very excited!! 

What can the punters expect?
We have been working hard at our 4decks:efx show with all our new edits, tracks and effects. We also have moved to using 4xCDJ1000, EFX 1000 and the new DJM800 Pioneer mixer which is really hot.

Anything else in the pipeline we should know about?
We have a new label in the pipeline- TIL DEAF DO US PART that we are really excited about, our club PLAY goes from strength to strength, we are also working on some remixes for Germany’s Great Stuff label and Lutzenkirchen’s new single and a couple of new tracks for Underwater, oh and we have just finished another heavy collaboration with D Ramirez called ‘Altern8or’.

Words by Chad Harwood Jones