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Posted: 25/10/06 17:23

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 Who´s familiar with Luca Ricci 's productions knows that his work always comes with a message.

One might say that this particular release has a very important and genuine message. Not specifically by Luca Ricci himself but by someone he, and many others, admires.

As Luca explains: "San Francesco d'Assisi is a Saint. He is a very important figure to me, and to the entire Catholic Church. This is a deep project for 'body and mind', influenced by a prayer called 'Il Cantico Delle Creature', in which San Fransesco talks with creatures and other elements of planet Earth's heart (for instance he calls: "Sister Moon and Brother Sun..."). In this world we live in today, we send out text messages and emails, but sometimes forget how important it is to really meet, talk to each other in person on a day-to-day basis, and really get to understand each other! Francesco (1181-1226) taught us about communication, but in the 'Ventunesimo Secolo' (21st century) it seems we often forget how to do that and the importance of to really connect with each other! " Luca´S invited some of the producers he admires to do a remix on this creative piece of music: Sultan, Chris Micali, Cassino & Laben, Alexander G and Alex Pestrana.


Words by Jenny Lee