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Go BackMARTINEZ & TRIPLE-O : Tearing It Up In the Studio!

Posted: 23/11/06 10:02

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 Martin Swanstein, better known as Martinez, has seen trends in electronic dance music come and go but when the bandwagon rolls around he's nowhere to be found. Alternatively, the Swedish producer concentrates his efforts towards evolving the experimental and self-described "cosmic" sounds of his Out of Orbit Recordings (Triple-O) imprint. 

The Copenhagen-based Triple-O is currently basking in the glow of recent releases such as Robert Babicz's The Cloudpainter EP and Martinez's own Dark Moon Rising EP and expects to debut a Restructured Layers compilation in early December. The trippy, progressive label has been credited with discovering talents such as Trentemoller (read interview here ) and showcases other shining new stars such as Robert Babicz, Nima Gorji, Phil Stumpf, Robert Leiner, Mars Fellows, and Jussi Pekka.

Before soaring through other-worldly soundscapes Martinez first earned his wings at Wrong Steps studio in Stockholm, where he co-produced tracks with French producer Manuel Perez. As of late, he's produced two sizzling singles, "Echochamber," and "Wooden Box" for Steve Bug's Audiomatique label, the follow-up to his successful Shadowboxing 12".

Tell us about the concept behind Restructured Layers. What kind of artists will it feature and can you describe its overall sound?
The idea behind the Restructured Layers album was to make a special mix of all the Out of Orbit record releases during 2004, 2005 and 2006. I was very inspired by Richie Hawtin´s DE9 Transitions CD and the new technology of Ableton Live, so I made a mix upon the concept of editing, remixing and cut up all the tracks into layers and then restructured them into a sort of DJ mix. It features parts from tracks by Robert Babicz, Trentemoller, Martinez, Nima Gorji, Phil Stumpf, Robert Leiner, Mars Fellows and Jussi Pekka. The overall sound is very Out of Orbit!

You released your Dark Moon Rising EP earlier this year. What influenced the album's creation? What kind of feedback have you gotten from people?
We wanted to make the first label compilation CD, so that is why I decided to make the album. So far the feedback has been really good. Most people like the mix a lot, so that is promising. 

What's your favorite track on the album and for what reasons?
My favorite is of course the full mix as it is, but I guess as a track I really like track eight on the CD, because of how Trentemoller´s Beta Boy falls perfectly into my Dark Moon Rising track. I guess that would be the favorite part of the album.  

So what are you moving towards now with Triple-O?
We are planning more excellent 12-inch singles for the label and we have some very exciting stuff coming up for this winter and the coming spring. Keep your eyes open for new tracks and remixes from Minilogue, Rob Salmon, Crystal Fake, Rui da Silva and Phil Stumpf. We are also planning to make some more CD releases, like a remix collection album from me for example.

Does your label mainly feature work from established musicians or are you also open to new talent?
Well, we are always interested in hearing fresh new talent of course. As long as it's good music we release it. Like we signed a very talented new comer from London called EACH. He runs an underground label called BayStreet and he delivered a really beautiful track for us which will be released in December this year.

Your label seems to avoid trends and has its own unique and experimental style. Would you agree or disagree with this and why?
Yeah, I would agree with that. It has always been very important for us to put out music we feel 100 percent and to bring our own sound to the market. The whole label began as a place for me to put out my sound that not many labels understood at the time. 

Tell us about your releases on Audiomatique.
I did one last summer called "Shadowboxing" which got quite big and also included a great remix from Trentemoller. I also did the first volume of their mix CD album, Audiomatique Vol.1, which was released this year and there is a new EP coming out now in November called "Echochamber", Listen here  featuring two brand new dancefloor tracks from me.

You must be recovering from your gigs in Portugal and Mallorca. Describe your sets and experiences there.
It's always great to play music for people who enjoy it and this weekend I had two really cool gigs. My sets are usually as long as I can play them. I love to play for five to six hours and take people on a long journey in sound. Sometimes I play really minimal for a while and then go more techy or melodic. I think when it's a good gig and you have a feeling with the crowd going it's just heaven and then you can play really long sets. Then it's magic!

What are some of the highlights of your upcoming tour schedule?
Definitely Weetamix in Geneva the 18th of November. I love that club so much and really look forward to playing there again. I'm also looking forward to Brazil, USA and Australia next year!

Do you have any future joint efforts with other producers planned?
I will be making a project in the near future with Martin Decara from 3rd Floor Records for sure.

What's Copenhagen's main draw for you and how does it influence you as an artist?
The beautiful Danish women of course, that's what inspires me. The rest of the city is nice but to be honest it's not where I get my inspiration from.

How has your musical style and production skills advanced over the years?
Just more knowledge of how the equipment works and also more DJing have helped me to see how music actually sounds on a big sound system. I think it's like with everything, you get better and better at it the more you do it.

You used to throw beach parties. Where were they held and what were those nights like?
When I was in school in Helsingborg Sweden we used to throw some really cool parties at the beach in the summer time. Those nights were always really good. My friends and I spun house, techno and trance records, people came to dance, chill or swim, and if people liked they could donate some money but otherwise it was totally free of charge, just good summer fun !

Will you be taking a break after seeing so many successful releases this year or will you be back in the studio right away?
I'm constantly in the studio working on music, but I think that I will take it a little bit easier in 2007 with releases so I don't over do it!

Words by Julie Anna Bates