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Go BackSEX IN DALLAS & BILLADOL - Rampant stage energy, rumors and releases!

Posted: 21/12/06 10:39

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 So who exactly are Sex in Dallas and Billadol and what do they do? Adrien Walter, David DuCaruge, and the band's newest addition, Mia von Matt AKA Biladoll, are über underground, laptop toting groovesters, with drum machines and punky, hip hop, electro flavors aplenty. 

They've released several albums on the German independent Kitty-Yo Records label and just launched a new EP entitled, Forever Young, on the French independent label founded by Air, Marc Teissier du Cros, and Stephane Elfassi. A new EP, Hit Back Bow (scheduled to release January 2007), and LP, Perpetual Emotion Maschine (scheduled to release February 2007) are in the works.

Many rumors and odd stories about the Berlin-based band have circulated, such as the group is originally from Texas and fled to Europe after getting in trouble with the U.S. government. Some music journalists have claimed that the three people on S.I.D.'s Around the War album (the notorious "red album") were hired models. The Voice delves deep to learn more…

How did you come up with the name Sex In Dallas?
Adrien: It's the summer of 2003 and there's a heat wave in Europe. I'm dying on a balcony, trying to get air. My father works in Houston. I see a plane in the sky. I think, "Cool, those guys are going to Dallas, Texas and they will have sex in fresh hotel rooms. By the way, I have to call my father." Then, I think to myself, "Sex in Dallas, mmm...that's a good name for the track I'm working on at the moment". Then I thought, "What a great name for my project" and I went inside to have a cola.

Biladoll, what led to your decision to join forces with S.I.D.?
Billadol: After breaking up with Electrocute my former band I thought it would be spiritual soul healing to be in a band where I don't understand a word of what the other members say.

Biladoll, what's been your experience with the group and when did you start collaborating with Adrien and David?
Billadol: It was difficult to jump into a boat that was already sailing. People who know the "old" Sex in Dallas expect this and then they get that, whatever it is. The Album does not sound like their first one. That is important to me because I don't consider myself as "Sex in Dallas". It is definitely another direction that we are steering for. A new experience as well as a great one is to be the only physical mental connection with the audience which puts a lot more weight and focus on me as a performer but also freedom. After two years playing live together we are still expanding so it can't get boring and it's important to always be inspired to change and grow otherwise you might as well stop, right?

Biladoll, please describe your musical background.
Billadol: I started playing in Puppetmastaz which was fantastic because I could hide behind a curtain holding up my arm talking some children rhymes into a mic. The rest was really the charm of the puppet I was playing, Croucholina. Then for three years I was a protagonist in my own band Electrocute where the name became so real to me that I had to quit and after I started right away with SID. Before all these years I was listening to Ravell's Bolero.

Biladoll, how did you come up with your stage name?
Billadol: When I joined SID I was broke and I can't give you more hints. Perfect, I thought, until I realized that a lot of people do have spelling problems. But little Google asking "did you mean Billy Idol?"  Yes. Maybe. No.

Where are all of you originally from?
Billadol: Vienna

David: I am from France on one side and from Texas on the other side of my family. Well you know we are all coming from this decadent international intelligencia...wealthy kids (winks).

"I am a real Texan, which does imply a certain level of political awareness..." 

Okay, so what's the deal with the rumors about the band originating from Texas and fleeing the country because of problems with the U.S. government?
Adrien: It is absolutely true. I am a real Texan, which does imply a certain level of political awareness. Why? Unfortunately, as many people in western or eastern Europe, you probably don't know that the Republic of Texas was a short-lived country in North America between the United States and Mexico that existed from 1836 to 1845. It formed as a break-away republic from Mexico as a result of the Texas Revolution, the nation claimed borders that encompassed an area that included all of the present U.S. state of Texas, as well as parts of present-day New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and Wyoming.
The Republic received diplomatic recognition from the United States, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and the Republic of Yucatán! As all Republics, there was a strong social and right content. Texas had not always been this racist and white supremacist state, and still not today. Austin is probably now one of the most interesting, exciting and alternative city in the all U.S.! And by the way, it's one of the best spots for electro over there. Anyway, we are the descents of this history, of our history.

Some journalists have claimed that the three people on your album cover were models and not actually you guys. That's just a load of hooey, correct?
Adrien: No. It's true. Are you the same person you were three years ago? Besides, I don't remember the photo shoot, so anything could have happened!

David: Please check the cover of our new EP and you will see what s going on. I swear you will see us on the cover of our new album.

How do you think these rumors got started?
David: Because everyone makes their own truth and at the end every truth becomes distorted!

Describe your live performances and interaction with the crowd.
Billadol: The performance is always changing and depending on all kinds of energies. Maybe I was a mime in the past. You have to see the "sweat plant dance" with your own eyes.

David: Well it is the perfect mix between a techno act, an art performance and a punk band. Full of energy! We give a lot! At the end of each concert I just end up backstage half dead. Yes, we give a lot cause we love our crowd!

What kind of gear do you use when you play out?
David: Computer, synthies, microphones, Kalimba. Nothing spectacular, our music is talking by itself. We don't need to show off!

What kind of projects are you all working on at the moment?

Billadol:  I am shooting my first short film, composing the music for a theater play, and producing my own music. I am also trying to organize a refugee camp in Switzerland for all the living bears in Germany where they get shot for no reason.

David: Well, taking care of our new baby; our new album, "Perpetual Emotion Maschine," on our new label, Record Makers from Paris (Air, Sebastier Tellier, Arpanet...) in February 2007. But that is just one thing. We also worked with a French choreographer Alex Roccoli. We made the soundtrack for his new show.

The first showing will be in Berlin in December 2006 in Hebbel/HAU Theater and for sure plenty of projects but we should keep them secret!!!

So Berlin is now your home. What do you enjoy most about living there? Why do you think it is such a Mecca for musicians?

Adrien: Because it's cheap and because - like many Muslims in Europe – we are poor. So I guess that's why it's the "Mecca" for musicians, as you said.

David: I deeply love Berlin! It is a real calm city where the rhythm of life is slow. So slow it gives artists time to create without the pressure of earning a lot of money. It's a concentration of culture, subculture, clubs, and night life. Everything you can imagine can happen in Berlin. That is great!

Do you miss living in France at all?
Adrien: I just lived in France for nine months. They look pretty tensed over there.

David: Yes in one way: FOOD and WINE, my mother and my old buddies. 

You've toured all around the world. Looking back, what have been some of the best gigs you've ever had and explain why? Which one was the most disappointing?
Billadol: Don't remember.

David: Every gig was great cause from each thing good or not I wanna take the best. But if you wanna know Sao Paulo was amazing cause it was the discovery of a new culture and Arlon in Belgium was the most disappointing cause somebody had stolen my computer on stage.

Musical influences?
Adrien: Guns and Roses, New Order, and Notorious B.I.G.

David: From Mozart to Iggy pop, from Aphex Twin to the Cramps, from Philipp Glass to Serge Gainsbourg, from Koudlam to Sex In Dallas and Billadol. From Rick James to Michel Polnareff. OK? I am listening to everything. Collecting old Detroit techno records and old Italo disco shit! Yes!

Merci beaucoup!
Adrien: De nada!

Words by Julie Anna Bates