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Go BackGET MOBILEE! `Back to Back´ with Anja Schneider.

Posted: 8/1/07 12:31

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  Anja Schneider is no stranger to beat making in Berlin. She's lived there for over 13 years and with the dawn of 2007 she continues to put her heart and soul into music. Her Mobilee record label, co-run with Ralf Kollmann, just unveiled it's first ever CD release; a double-CD compilation of the imprint's best tracks called Back to Back

Anja founded the Mobilee label in 2005 but it's already taken off with her own music, such as her successful Lily of the Valley EP, along with dazzlers from Pan-Pot, Sebo K, Nhar, GummiHz, Exercise One, Daniel Stefanik, Magda, M.I.A., UND, Duplex 100 and Jennifer Cardini & Shonky. Meanwhile, she's managed to find the time to create remixes for Tsuba Records, Karmarouge, Moodmusic and Dessous Recordings

Anja is the much loved radio personality who's brought you Dance Under the Blue Moon, live on Fritz Radio every Saturday night, both on the air and the web ( since 2000. Dance Under the Blue Moon is loaded with Schneider's own spectactular sets and music from special guest DJs such as Luciano, Tiefschwarz, M.A.N.D.Y., Steve Bug, and Matt John to name some... Additionally, her KISS FM Loveboat radio show, now known as Fritz Loveradio, showcases 50 world famous DJs spinning a 50-hour marathon and won the German Dance Awards' "Best National Radio Programme" award.

Hi Anja! How long have you lived in Berlin for now? What are some of your favorite spots in the city for dining and for night life?
I've lived here for more than 13 years now. That means I am allowed to say that I'm a real "Berliner". I saw so many good clubs opening and closing and so many hot party spots. Berlin never sleeps and you always find new and more cool places every year. But in the summer time the "Club Der Visionäre" is one of the most lovely places to hang out with friends and listen to good music.

"It's not a new phenomenon that Berlin is attractive for artists."

Why do you think there's so much great music coming out of Berlin right now?
Berlin was always been a very inspiring city  for musicians, even in the  late '70s,  when David Bowie or Iggy Pop hung out here. Depeche Mode produce the album "Everything Counts" at the legendary Hansa Studios in Berlin of course and they were inspired by the music of Einstürzende Neubauten for example.

So it's not a new phenomenon that Berlin is attractive for artists. Berlin has had a healthy subculture since the early '60s cause of this history. And in fact, it's still the coolest place in the world. The rent is still cheap if you compare it to other European cities and it's very relaxed here which is an attractive point.

Can you describe some of the fresh, new releases on Mobilee?
In 2007 we start with a fresh artist on Mobilee, Marcin Czubala, from Poland. He's been producing electronic music since 1995 and released some stuff in the past on different labels. He has a classical music background and graduated from a famous music school. He is coming from the old school techno and he changed his sound a little bit because he was inspired by the latest releases from Mobilee.

It's interesting that Mobilee inspires some "old school producers". With the knowledge and experience of these people and by using new sounds they can blow up your mind. But anyway, our Mobilee heroes Pan-Pot and GummiHz came up with some new tunes for the late night or even never-ending-night  in the beginning of the new year. At the end of 2007 Pan-Pot will do the first Artist Album on Mobilee and Mobilee's Gentle Sebo K comes up with the first Mobilee mix-CD in May 07 which gives you an idea of what kind of music inspired the Mobilee artists.
Honestly, I can't wait to get all this stuff !!

Mobilee has taken the fast track to success! Why do you think the label has done so well so quickly?
We are working in a very concentrated way - that means the artists and the people behind it (only Ralf Kollmann and me). We all try to give our best. We never tried to establish Mobilee in a special genre or to sound like " blablabla". Every artist on Mobilee has his unique production style. This is very important for us. I work very closely with the artists and try to push them to the limit.

I concenrate on unknown artists and try to develop them. They all became "famous" and well respected in the last year. This is the best reward we can get, to see how the artists are successful and grow together with your artists. In the beginning we didn't know each other very well and now we became close friends so that we're working now as a family. For me it's always important to have a discussion with my artists.

Where did the name "Mobilee" come from?

Perpetum mobile.

What makes Mobilee different from other record labels?
It's difficult to describe the Mobilee style or to put us in a specific cupboard. More than any particular stylistic hallmark, surprise is the defining characteristic of Mobilee's releases.

What are your major goals for the label?
To release good music, have fun and be happy all together. Mobilee is the platform to do all the things we want to do music wise.

What kind of responsibilities do you take on for the label and what do you find taking up most of your time?
Of course the daily office work, including the A&R business.

What kind of projects are on your radar at the moment?
Soon we'll move into a new Mobilee office with Mobilee studio rooms for our artists. We are moving in the beginning of February to work closer with the main artists and to have more fun during the day.
Then we are preparing to take over the rest of the world!

What have been the most rewarding aspects of starting up Mobilee?
To find new friends, give them the opportunity to make music, release my own stuff whenever I want and feel happy and give the people a good time.

" ... I got the "German Dance Award for the Best Radio Programme" , which means nothing to me but looks nice in the biography."

When did you first get into radio and what do you love the most about it?

When I first moved to Berlin in '93 I worked for KISS FM, which was an underground pirate DJ radio station. After a long story of sell out and battle against the law and playlists I got a request of Radio Fritz in´95 where I'm still having my own programme every saturday night from 22- 1 am called "DANCE UNDER THE BLUE MOON" - Livestream via In the beginning I worked as a marketing manager and was responsible for the special events and any kind of electronic music. I developed a special programme called "Love Radio" for the Love Parade Event with 50 world famous DJs playing nonstop for three days. The party was a free public party and the best radio programme for the listeners in or on their way to Berlin.

I got the "GERMAN DANCE AWARD FOR THE BEST NATIONAL RADIO PROGRAMME" in 2003, which means nothing to me but looks nice in the biography.

Are you still doing radio shows or does Mobilee take up most of your time?
I am still doin it  every Saturday 22- 1 h - "DANCE UNDER THE BLUE MOON". I always invite guests for interviews and DJ sets and play my favourite tracks.

Did you have a good time at the Love Parade this year?
Ha, ha... finally yes! I was the most nervous human on earth before I had to do my 20 minute DJ-set at the Siegessäule. Every DJ set was limited to 20 minutes and I played in a row with Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, Tiefschwarz, Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos, Ewan Pearson, Onur Özer, etc. It was amazing to have 800,000 people in front of you and listening to your music. I wasn´t able to speak hours before and I was completely mad and happy after I did it. But I think I would never do it again because it stressed me too much.

Do you think it was as successful as past Love Parades? Why or why not?
To be honest since '94 I'd never been to the Love Parade cause I had to organize the Loveradio. But  the Love Parade is very important for the music and the clubs and the city. The new concept and the new organisation team works excellent. The Loveparade is  a symbol for techno music and the cosmopolitc aspect of the scene. Everyone all over the world who is interested in electronic music knows it. This year there was a really friendly atmosophere and the people came because they wanted to listen to the music and they wanted to go to the clubs.

What makes you so passionate about electronic music, specifically? Do you feel like you are truly working your "dream job"?
My love for the music was always my motor for everything I did. It's my passion and part of my life and the good thing is that I can live from that.

And lastly, can you share something about yourself that not manypeople know? It can be anything.
Oh... I 'm a complete addict of chili chips... can't live without them ...

Words by Julie Anna Bates