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Go BackA SERIOUSLY GOOD TIME – Mr Garrick has his wicked way with Miss Moneypenny in Ibiza

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Lee Garrick, the public face of international jetsetting club franchise Miss Moneypennys, has an intimate connection with Space. Not only is he a regular in da club, but he also used to see the cover star of this year’s Space cd, the lovely Melany.

Ever-obliging, Lee paid a visit to our calf muscle-busting 5th floor office at the bottom of Vara de Rey. Once he got his breath back he recounted his early days on the island whose scene he has given much to. We’d love to be able to pass on all the anecdotes we got later on over dinner, but we didn’t have the dictaphone running and he’d probably deny everything.

Lee’s always been good copy, as the Mixmag journalist who stayed at the Miss Moneypennys villa and experienced his hospitality up close several years ago could attest. The Brummie brand got editorial coverage you couldn’t pay for: after several days of consistent carnage the highly-impressed hack walked in on Lee showing one of his satisfied customers a bed-breakingly good time. Will these deeds be repeated this year? Oh god please yes.

How’s your season been so far – have you been partying hard?
It’s been good. I’ve been here for four or five weeks now. Acclimatising, getting to grips with how this season’s gonna be and chilling with friends and people I’ve met over the past few years, because that’s how we built Miss Moneypennys up. And we’ve been hiring people.

What do you look for in a staff member?
We look for people who obviously have the look of the Moneypenny look, trendy kids and the like. Then we look for the attitude. Most of the people we look for have a positive up for it attitude. Easygoing people, not arrogant. And of course hard workers, if you can find them. They talk the talk anyway. We’ll see how they go.

Is it important to check out other clubs, or should you just concern yourself with what’s going on in your own one?
Obviously we have a lot of friends who are promoters. We’ve been going to their openings, and supporting other people. And they return the favour. We’ve had people like Daivd Morales and Judge Jules down, a real array of people.

What’s the music policy @ Miss Moneypennys?
Sexy funky house music really. It’s all about feeling good, and looking good hopefully. It does vary when we’re in Ibiza. Here we like to have a more Balearic feel, we look for a more European market.

Who are your residents this year?
Joey Nego and Jim Shaft Ryan are our main residents. We also have guest appearances from Danny Rampling. Full Intention .ATFC & Benni Benassi. He’s got a big track out this summer.

When did you first come to Ibiza? What did you think?
I came in 1988. I was only about 17, came on my own. My friends let me down. We were all supposed to save 25 pounds a week over the winter, but I was the only one who did.

When did you first go to Space?
It took me two years to get to Space. It was amazing how long it took to explore the island. It was different then, you didn’t have all the magazines and the web sites.

What’s the biggest difference between throwing a party now and back then?
The difference between then and now is that back then most of them were still unroofed. And there’s a lot more people that visit this island now compared to then. But the beauty about Ibiza is that is just keeps going on.

Who were the big players in 1995, the first year Miss Moneypennys came out here?
Black & White Promotions. Manumission had begun. We were at Pacha on a Friday. Then we did El Divino two years after that.

If you weren’t a promoter what would you be?
I’d try and be a skipper on one of the nice yachts. I’m sure that appeals to me.[center]

[/center]Cheers for your time Lee and thanks for a great time at your opening party. We would also like to take this opportunity to salute Lee´s best mate Yongi as well - "See you soon, bitch!"[center]


Words by a professional raver