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“Hearing and feeling are the same thing when it comes to music,” says Mr Maas. This ethos is behind such infamous noises such as the “wrrrnuh wrnuh wrunh” in Timo’s mix of Doom’s Night that impressed the hell out of everybody a few years back.

A mastadon

Also impressive is the efficiency of the German jock’s publicity department. Our questionnaire came back under the 48 hour mark, which beats Danny Tenaglia’s record for a prompt response by three days.

How’s it going?
Great thanks, I’m just taking a bit of time off and enjoying the summer

When might your many fans next get to see you over here in Ibiza?
I’ll be at DC10 at on Aug 1st and Pacha on sept 3rd

I’m no expert, but your music packs quite a punch. How important is it to be able feel music as well as hear it?
Hearing and feeling is the same thing when it comes to music

Is a beast of a sound system important?
oh yes

Where do you get the ideas for the music you make?
Well I always work in the studio with one guy, my partner, Martin Buttirch and together we create the best sounds we can and then work with different singers or musicians and get out of them what we need. But my main source of inspiration is, as always, the clubs.

Have any clubs that you’ve played at recently impressed you? What were their names? What was so good about them?
Actually the most fun I’ve had recently was the Werchter Festival in Belgium

Do you like outdoor or indoor events more?
I just like great events. i have played in the smallest clubs and the largest festivals, arenas and concert halls and atmosphere is everything.

What’s the biggest crowd you’ve ever played to?
30,000 at Creamfields Argentina

How famous are you in Germany? When you walk down the street in your home town, do people who don’t know you say hi?

Ha ha. Well they do were i live as I live in a village with about 150 people in it so, yes, everybody knows who I am. Actually I am more well known in London than I am in Germany I think

Have you slept with any celebrities?

My Girlfriend.

If you were on a plane and the guy sitting next to you turned out to be a terrorist, what would you do?
Light up a spliff

Do you fly business class? Do other djs?
yes and yes. If someone is paying me money to work at their club and give everyone a great night out and I am doing this every week, twice a week, all my life, then I need to be rested when I get there otherwise I won’t be any good.

If you played a gig on Friday night, and a gig on Saturday night, would you be able to get up in time for a gig on Sunday night?

What’s the most wasted you’ve been and still played?
No comment...

Did you enjoy yourself in Dc10 last year? What is it about that club that attracts total loons?
That club rocks. And we all started that stage diving thing. It really is quite insane up there. Looking forward to the next one

Complete this sentence: By this time next year, Timo Maas will be ______
One year older

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