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For the more discerning amongst you, or perhaps just the more queer, Ibiza offers a multitude of options. Check our Ibiza gay guide for a more comprehensive going over, but we can highly recommend Pacha for starters.

If nothing else, Scandal have contributed to the cityscape a series of advertising posters displaying rude and unusual clothing. On these they also tag themselves "polysexual". We secured an interview with the man cracking the whip, Frederic Aillery, to ask him what exactly that means.

Fred: Is for gay people, is for straight people, is for bi-sexual people. For all kind of sexuality. Seventy per cent of the people who come to Scandal are gay, and thirty is gay friendly, and all is fashion people from the island. Everybody who work in Ibiza like barmen, bartenders, prs who come to Pacha Sunday night at Space when the terrace close. Is more the fashion people, is not the mass. I don’t want Pacha Scandal should be a mass party for the mass tourists. I want something very glamour, very selective.

How’s it going? How’s the 2003 been so far?
Yeah having a good time, a good summer for the moment, very cool.[center]
Fred and Fred

Fred and the Pacha office

What’s your role with Scandal?
It’s just me, me and Francisco, what we do is we organise a party, booking djs, prs, art direction, like dancers, try to find the best gay promoter from all over the world to bring them to Ibiza for one night.

How many people are you in charge of?
If you speak just about Scandal, is like 50 people, but if you speak about Pacha is more than 150.

What makes it different from Pacha’s other nights?
Is totally different. Scandal is more a native night than the other nights Pacha. The other nights are big name djs.

Who are your djs?
The resident dj is Kaes, French dj who is playing at Le Queen in Paris. The rest of the dj are American, French, Spanish, but is not famous dj. Is not David Morales, is not Frankie Knuckles, is not Roger Sanchez. I’ve got one famous dj is coming every summer is Victor Calderone, one of the big star djs for the gay crowd, like Junior Vasquez. We speak with Junior but he can’t come because he make his party in New York every Sunday, so for the moment I’ve got Victor then I hope one time Junior.

What other entertainment is on offer?
Scandal night is more glam night. Is not gay to gay night, is glamour gay night. So entertainment I’ve got forty different dancers, mens and womens, also I’ve got a team of six strippers, mens, and I’ve got crazy girl who make striptease, she not stripper she make show but she totally amazing.

I heard from Sam you started parties in Nancy, in France. How did you get from there to here?
I was born in Nancy, I had my own club in Nancy for years and years. My first job in nightlife was in France Ibiza de Q, and after that I went to El Divino to Pacha.

What’s it like putting on a party in Dubai? I hear their attitude to homosexuality isn’t very progressive.
In Dubai we don’t make Pacha Scandal party. In Dubai we make Pacha Ibiza party, because for sure Dubai is not gay friendly. We make Pacha Ibiza party all over the world. We really want to make one in Dubai because a lot of our clients who come the summer, a lot them live in Dubai to keep in touch with them over the wintertime.

What exciting things have you got coming up over the next two months?
Pacha we have exciting things every night. No I not say that because I’m a pr. If we speak about Pacha Scandal the big date is 17 of August because come to play Victor Calderone.

Unquote. Put that one in your disco diary duck, but also don’t forget to make some time for this lady:

Not necessarily gay, but just as hardcore, the What’s Up? lot do that thing they do so well in Pacha’s Global Room, also on Sunday night. We enticed the handsome Simon Freeth to our office and got a few comments, and even a picture of his arse.

So, que pasa? How’s 2003 been 4 u?
2003 has been a different kind of summer in general for Ibiza I’m speaking. It’s been a bit of a transition, well I like to see it that way, I hope. It’s changing, people are being a bit more selective. For What’s Up? It’s been a good summer, we’ve had a good crowd, fantastic music.

What’s Up? is everywhere this year – how did you manage that? I thought the clubs preferred you to remain exclusive.
I think we’re one of the first ones to have a party at Pacha and Amnesia at the same time. Which is quite unique, people don’t believe you when you tell them. But it was a deal we’d made already with Cocoon, to do a terrace for them. Working with Sven Vath is quite good, and Pacha. We’re really interested in getting in with them for the projection and the personality of Pacha, and the Global Room is what we picked in the end. It’s a bit of risk, Sunday is not an easy day which means you have to make much more hard work, but if you get the people who come it’s much more recognised.

Which is the best party?
For me all of them have been really great. Sunday before last Cato’s birthday really rocked. We’re building up a reputation in the Global Room, it’s a progression. Now we’ve got a tour booked for South America, Helsinki, hopefully London, Germany.[center]
Simon’s arse[/center]
Do you get the same people coming along, or a different crowd with each one?
We get different crowds, but there’s also regulars who enjoy our sound. They know they’re gonna get a good party, a lot of them don’t go out that often but they come to our parties. People this summer have become a bit more selective, which is good. Our sound would be progressive house, electro, non-commercial, underground. We try to keep it like that.

How’s the 7am closing time affecting you?
It’s a bit of a pain in the arse, especially when you’ve got a room full of people and they want more. On Sunday night the people they carry on to till ten in the morning. When you’ve got people at seven or eight, they’ve had their bit.

Who are your personnel?
Cato and I are the promoters people behind it, we started a party like four years ago in Motel Manumission, that’s where it was formed, then it moved on to El Divino, and now Pacha and Amnesia. We’ve got a PR team, a poster team, working hard. Pacha and Amnesia have got their own team, but we’ve got one too to back it up.

Who’s the member of your team most likely to get fucked up?
As Cato’s not here I’ll say Cato. No Cato and me have done this for an awful long time, so we don’t really lose the plot that much. Maybe the prs and that, who can let themselves go more.

Why Barbara Streisand - is it because she’s cross-eyed?
It was the look, the moment just came. The party was called What’s Up Barbara? at the beginning, and that’s why the logo was of her. But it could be drawing, graphically it works. A lot of people don’t even realise it’s her.

What about a live PA?
Yeah, for the future. We’ve got actually a pr girl who looks exactly like Barbara Streisand. She’s Italian though, I don’t know if she could do the Barbara Streisand thing.

Who else have you got playing this year?
Mr C, Arian 911, Tania Vulkano, Tommy Jacobs from Argentina. For us one of the best djs on the island is Nano Vergel. We think he’s just about to explode, he’s one of the jewels of the island. He’s got a top sound.

Words by gay sometimes