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Go BackWHO’S YOUR DIDDY? – Puffball Wotsit, Jade Jagger do the Mish

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Rumours swirl round Manumission like wreathes of dope smoke – teasing, pleasing, real yet simultaneously insubstantial. Probably the most persistent one of recent times insisted Madonna’s appearance at the club was imminent - but she never showed.

The one doing the rounds on Monday was that P. Diddlywinks and the spawn of Mick Jagger had been placed on Privilege’s anaemic August guestlist. Hard to believe sure, but many like-minded people were making plans to attend the gathering anyway so the editorial management division made its way to I-Town’s Isidora Macabich bustop. [center]
Why isn’t this our staff car?[/center]
Unfortunately every Italian on the island under the age of twenty three had the same idea, and a number of sharp elbow jabs had to be endured before the disco bus was boarded. But unbeknownst to the majority of the Latino lovelies, dance music’s newest biggest fan was also on his way.
For squares and those who’ve just awakened from a three-year-long coma, Mr Sean Backcomber had a revelatory road-to-Amnesia experience at the Cream’s humungus Thursday nighter in 2001 while watching his mate Sandra Collins from the VIP area. In March of this year he performed at the Dancestar Awards, a ceremony designed to boost the industry’s profile worldwide, but especially in the States.
‘Let’s Get Ill’, the first single from an album recorded with shit hot producers (Deep Dish, Nellee Hooper, Felix Da Housecat) was recently released and subsequently the hip hop impressario appeared on the cover of long-standing dance music magazine Muzik. The publication folded one issue later, but don’t let that put you off. It’s not a bad tune and has been played sporadically across the island, to an enthusiastic if not rapturous response.
Apart from last night that is, when Puff the Magic Daddy himself took to the stage with a great big microphone and shouted the chorus over and over surrounded by a murder of Manumission Girls.[center]

[/center]It went down a storm, and fitted in perfectly with the non-linear narrative of a ‘Mish stage production. There wasn’t a dry gusset in the house, and after he disappeared in a flurry of enormous suited and booted security guards it was on with the circus. Animals performing subsequently were Otter, host of the Music Box which last night featured Twisted Hip and Junior Sanchez. In the audience was none other than Jade “I’m with the band” Jagger, who must be congratulated on her highly creditable 18th placing in Italian GQ’s 100 Donne Più Belle del Mondo. You look fit. [center]

Hip (left) & Twisted

Tomas & Jim


Words by Mike Stuart