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Go BackWHATTA MIGHTY GOOD MAN – Will flattery get Tenaglia for the Space closing party?

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Will he, won’t he? The Bring Danny T to Ibiza For The Most Hyped Closing Party of the Season Campaign starts here. Fans, please take the time to offer messages of support and encouragement in the forum at the bottom of this article. Danny Tenaglia at the closing of Space 2003 would undoubtedly be one of those “Were you there when…?” occasions.

We do hope his fantastic fingers aren’t too tired after what must have been at least an hour’s worth of typing to answer our probing questions.
We’ve got the full transcript of Danny T's extended email interview mix, but for those of you with less time on your hands, here’s an executive summary:

Puff Daddy “should stick to hip hop”

The recent power black out was “surreal”

NYC radio stations are “pathetic” and a "complete embarrassment" to dance music culture

“Uncle T” eats “protein bars” on occasion

Despite considering himself “entertainer” he’s not on the mic as often as all that. But don’t do drugs blatantly if you’re wearing a black shirt, you will be named and shamed

Politics and art may or may not mix, but he can for 16 hours in a row

Drums are like a “mating call” but too much of current production is just “glorified drum tracks”

his first time “on it” was at Bora Bora in 2000. It was “wonderful”

his second time was “uncomfortable” and he didn’t enjoy getting crowded during the “X-perience”

the "deep house" scene is too "trancey" and there is too much "dj worship"

by now he should have called his travel agent: “IBIZA HERE I COME..... :)”

How’s things? Are you missing us over here in Ibiza as much as we’re missing you?
Danny Tenaglia: Things here are GREAT! Thankfully our BE Yourself Fridays are still going strong and I love the consistency of this almost 5 year residency. Honestly, the only thing missing from my summer is being in Ibiza, and I am seriously considering popping in for a few days in September to just chill and hang out with everyone and even dance. Yes, I still love to dance :)

What did you do during the NYC black out? Have sex? Play bongos?
I walked all around Manhattan and it was extremely surreal, especially Times Square at night, and I think I may have possibly "played with my bongos" before bedtime! ;0 hehe

How’s the loft project? Have you got any pics of the proceedings?
The Loft is my DJ heaven on earth. I have no words to describe how proud I am of this accomplishment. I will have professional pictures soon. It is 6,500 square feet of pure bliss with about 30,000 watts of fun and an entire roof with an incredible view of our Manhattan skyline. I hope to share this extension to my home with many true passionate people and also have it become a place of learning with some form of a DJ/Midi school.

** (PS: Many people consider the custom DJ booth that of a Space Ship. I don’t have a great photo of it yet, but I will attach the only one I have, it might give you a bit of an idea.

How’s New York in the summer? Have you been going out much & where? How’s the shopping?
I think we are having a great summer. The weather was rainy for a while, but now it’s perfect outside. I haven’t been going out to many parties, but I have been enjoying my time off and my younger brother and his wife just had a new baby girl, so it’s been a nice family gathering/celebration kind of summer. My Mom & Dad are thrilled of course :)
As far as shopping, I am not a shop-aholic, but I did get somewhat fancy and recently got a new SONY Vega 60 inch modern TV.

What does the scene in New York really need right now? Will you be playing in Crobar´s new venue?
I think the New York scene has always needed more radio support for the kind of music we love here in the underground. NY radio stations are a complete embarrassment to our Dance Music culture. It amazes me how pathetic the programming is and how bad the songs are? Basically, I just never listen to radio, but when I am in a store or at a Gym where they are tuned into the dance stations, I desperately wished that I had ear plugs from all the screechy vocals and cheesy synth lines.
As of now, I have no interest in working with the venue Crobar. I am 100% happy at Arc and will stay there until the very end.

You´ve mentioned Dj Larry Levan (from 80s hangout Paradise Garage for our younger audience) had a big influence on your art. What do you think he would think of you, your work and modern club scene?
I often think of Larry as I am playing music and I honestly feel that he is hopefully watching me with pride knowing that I am sincerely doing what I love so much from the heart and that I truly have the best intentions for all of the people to enjoy themselves, and for them to be as good as they can be to themselves and each other. I truly learned so much from him.
However, I do also think he would be as frustrated as so many of us other old school DJs with how further underground our "Deep House" scene has sadly been diminishing and becoming more & more way too Trancey and DJ worship related.

You’ve shown you’re up for a marathon set - is there any kind special training or diet you undertake to be able to do this?
It’s easy for me because by nature I am a nocturnal person. I always get proper rest and eat as healthy as possible. On the rare occasions that I know my sets will go past 10 hours, I just consider it a double shift of doing what I love the most and fully prepare myself mentally, physically & spiritually. Most DJs will admit there is no concept of time when the party is still rocking 10 hours later, as long as there is some protein bars, some fruit, water, coffee.... That’s enough for me, but I would not play a 16 hour set every week. Not because I couldn’t, but I wouldn’t want the people to get used to it because I know "they are not eating protein bars" like I am in the booth, and I ultimately feel (somewhat) responsible for them being there for too many hours. It’s also different being out there on a hot and packed dance floor. Me, I am comfortable in the DJ booth as I always have a huge fan to keep me cool, and all I ever request from a venue is privacy while I am working.

You seem to love using the mic to communicate directly with the dance floor while you spin, do you consider yourself an entertainer before everything?
I am without a doubt an entertainer. I knew this since I was a mere child. If I wasn’t a DJ, I would aspire to be an actor. However, the myth about me "loving" to be on the mic is not true. It’s just a simple form of "communication." I like to welcome the crowd, I think it’s only appropriate that they show respect and give it up for a DJ who may have worked very, very hard at opening the event, and I also like to thank them from my heart at the end of the night for staying and having a good time which in return they have left me going home with a feeling of a good time as well. NOW..... The only other time I would be on the Mic is on a rare occasion that I spontaneously may give a shout out to other DJs/Producers in the house, as well as knowing that I often am playing for a room with many up and coming DJs or train spotters, and I have no problem sharing with them the song that I am playing at the moment. I can tell just by looking out at them which ones they really want to know the title of, so once in a while I will announce a new release and if it has artwork, I will hold it up to the crowd so they can visualize it as well so they might recognize it when shopping.
This is important for me to answer this question because I am tired of people getting the wrong impressions of "why" I am on the Mic if they are not even at the event? I may also get on the Mic because there may be a special event coming up and since I am the one in charge of the party and we have no host or shows, well, it’s up to me to not be shy and make some announcements that need to be made. On a very rare occasion I may witness something, get very disappointed at someone who is blatantly disrespecting our party which is our livelihoods, and I have to respond to protect what we love the most. But this is VERY rare, and as people love drama, this is what they remember the most. They won’t likely say: "That was really cool of Danny to announce that new release by "King Unique" but many will remember when I say: "Excuse me, you in the black shirt..... That is not allowed here and we collectively are not going to let you ruin our party, so please "Be Yourself Somewhere Else!"

That is when 95% of the party applauds in thanking me for noticing this and putting a stop to something a person should not have been doing right out in public. Also, many people recognize my voice on the Mic during the WMC event which is much more likely for me to speak as I consider that party an extension of a WMC panel as I know the majority are industry people and I am just sending lots of love from the booth. If "DJ Vibe" gave me a track that I consider one of the highlights of my party, I am gonna let the entire room know it, and I know they appreciate it. Again, if I play for 10 hours, I might be on the Mic a total of 10 minutes throughout the entire night! But of course, people exaggerate and magnify everything. I don’t stop the music and give any Dr. Martin Luther King lectures!
It’s always with all good intentions and with lots of fun, and as you said, often for the sake of entertainment. It’s also my way of letting the people know that I am a person, I have a voice, I am not just some robot up in the booth with no personality. If I had the time, I would go out and hug every person for coming and enjoying. :)

How do you manage to be one of the world’s biggest djs but at the same time still considered credible and part of the underground. Is it good management, good attitude, or something else?
I think the secret to my success has been to not be greedy and take on all the offers I get. If I played over & over & over again and at the same venues, people would not appreciate me as much. I also feel the same about remixing. I get many offers to travel and remix each week, but I only take on about 5% of all the offers. If I did not have my "Be Yourself Fridays" residency here in NYC, I would probably travel more, but I still will not remix any songs that I do not like, or play in nightclubs that my peers may tell me I would not enjoy playing at, no matter how much money is being offered to me.

Do you have any theories on why music causes such an instantaneous emotional reaction or do you just like to get on with it?
I think that the drums are like a mating call! If you can’t get into tribal drum related music, then something isn’t right? If there is a wonderful vocal and/or wonderful musical melodies added to it, then this is what I strive for when listening to new music. There are many great new tracks coming out weekly, but way too many are just glorified drum tracks and need more going on to truly get my attention. I strongly suggest all new producers to connect with singers and professional musicians.

Is Puff Daddy the saviour of dance music? Are you playing "Let’s Get Ill" out much?
Well, all I know by him is "Let’s Get Ill" and I can’t say that I like it all that much. I played it when it was handed to me at the WMC and the people did respond well to it. However, to be 100% honest, I never really liked it.
If it were not for my pals Deep Dish I would have never just dropped it in the middle of the night without hearing it first. I do not know Puff, nor do I think he hardly has what it takes to save dance music. No disrespect, but only judging from "Let’s Get Ill," I think he should stick to Hip Hop.

What have you been playing out?
Too many to mention, but much of the music from Spain & Portugal is still topping my lists.

Are you sensing any interesting trends we should know about?
Sadly, no. :(

What djs should we be keeping an eye on?
OK, here’s a few names off the top of my head......
1 - I think DJ Behrouz from San Francisco should get much more recognition.
2 - Miami Female DJ Tracy Young has also recently impressed me very much.
3 - NY DJ Antranig (Subliminal artist) is quite talented as well.
4 - DJ Demi (Deeper Substance) from the UK is another one to look out for.
(I have tons of friends that I have open for me regularly each week. We’ll save that for our next chat :)

Describe your ideal day in Ibiza.
My ideal day in Ibiza is now varied having experience almost all there is too experience there. I would say of course the first thing I would be attracted to is the variety of parties, DJs and wonderful music. However, I also thoroughly enjoyed sailing and jet skiing last year and would love to extend my stay and do as much as possible next time. I love the daytime parties as well as the nighttime ones. I love people watching as well. The blend of tourist and professional party people at Bora Bora is such an experience in itself. I would probably not take anything to enhance my experiences because after my wonderful X-perience for the first time in 2000, it was incredible. But, after trying it again it was very disappointing and I did not enjoy myself. I did not enjoy people expecting to see me "on it" as well as it being very uncomfortable being often recognized by people I did not know who they were? That’s a strange discomfort, but it’s also flattery at the same time.

Have you heard about the highly impressive outdoor stage in the parking lot built especially for the opening and closing parties? Would that possibly entice you over to play?
I have not heard about this? What are the dates and is there a way that I could parachute in and make an over the top entry right into the center of the dance floor? LOL Just kidding! But I am yearning to be there, especially after doing this interview.
I truly wish I was there right now........ I think I’m gonna call my travel agent today...... IBIZA HERE I COME..... :)

Can you tell us about your projects for 2004?
Right now I have at least three projects in the studio that will definitely be released by the WMC 2004 and will hopefully become tunes that people will enjoy throughout summer 2004. I have one I especially did with Ibiza in mind that I titled : "D’IBIZA"! :)

Thank you for your time.
NO, THANK YOU :) :) :)

danny tenaglia

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Words by Mike Stuart & Sam Guetta