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Go BackMAS DEEP, MAS DEEP – Tribal twins Jose de Divina & DJ Elias feel the vibe from here to Asia

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Mankind’s cellular affiliation with the throbbing clatter that is millennial dance music harks back to primal urges felt by the parents of our species. Bass feels good in the same way that sex does, or sunsets look beautiful. Connecting us with our ancient tribal heritage are modern shamans like DJ Elias and Jose de Divina. Part of yet somehow apart from urban society they ride jet aircraft to channel beats for the global underground.

They share a record label (Stomp Recordings) and perform their sacred rites in service of the Space World Tour.

How’s 2003 been compared to other seasons?
Jose de Divina: I think there are too much commercial people this year. I’ve been here a lot in August that’s why I have this feeling. I am so happy it’s September now, my best period of the year in Ibiza. Even if I’m in and out I have my Sunday sessions at Space except the weekend of the September 20 when I go to Singapore for the Space WT , club is called Liquid Room. I went there last year with Tania Vulcano for Space festival on the beach on Sentosa Island. It was just beautiful. Singapore is an amazing country. They really built this island, put the sand and everything.
September is when it’s out turn to have fun. One gig I was very impressed with was the one in Moscow for the first Space party over there. I think it’s a country we have to keep in mind now. The crowd is amazing, the whole night they were telling me what I love to hear “Deeper! Deeper! Deeper!” It’s not often that this happens to me, they want it deeper.

How’s the touring been – any action to report?
Ok, you wanna a good one? So last year we’re on tour with Space and we do Kuala Lumpur and Singapore in the same weekend. There was this chick promoter in Kuala Lumpur – thank you Samuel – who was involved in the production. Very professional, good party, good people, everything perfect. Then we go to Singapore but the chick from Kuala Lumpur is following us. And we start to feel the girl is heading in a less professional direction. So I’m spinning on the beach in Singapore and ten minutes later I don’t find my records anymore. You can imagine how much I flipped out. And I investigate. People tell me they saw a little girl, sweating and carrying two record boxes, walking down the beach to the hotel. When I get into my room she was there waiting for me completely wasted and wanted to have her way with me. It took Tania Vulcano and I three hours to get her out of the room. Finally she slept in the room of Steff Navarro, who is less picky.

How do you prepare for a gig in a foreign country?
I never know how I’m going to play the next gig. I just come into the club bringing thousands of records and I just catch the vibe. I think this is the best way, because every crowd is different. I think you never find the same even if it’s the same promoter the same day of the week the same club, people have different moods and I try to follow them. What I know is I want it deep and twisted.

What’s the best/worst airline?
Do you have any airline sponsor for the site?
Ok, so they all fucking shit man. When you travel a lot you realise what a mess it is in their organisation. Always delay and I can’t tell you how many times I lost records. Thank god I always travel with records on me otherwise I would have been unable to perform at many gigs. They make you suffer.

What’s happening with Stomp? How many people work there? What’s the vision?
We are eight people in the label, three djs, three drivers [sound engineers], and two managers that take care of the financial aspect. We are planning to extend our music policy via different label as we want to express some different vibes at different times and for this we need to have other avenues.

Where is home?

Which has the better scene – Ibiza or Barcelona?
Ibiza is better than any city in the world, but I’m not very objective when I say that.

Will you be playing in the carpark for the Space closing?
Yeah, last year was so amazing I would give a finger to go again.

Dj Elias is making a comeback on the Ibiza scene he was a fixture on for so many years. Here he explains to why he was away so long.

So, Elias, where have you been the last couple of years?
I did my first production for Bedrock in 2001 called Tijuana Groove. It was my first production and it was a hit. To sell 30,000 copies when you are underground is really something. Believe me when you have a hit like that with your first production you stick to the studio after that, that’s why I was not here much the last two years. But it’s true that when you don’t spend the whole summer in Ibiza it is difficult for a dj. People can’t follow you, they don’t see your name if you don’t have a residency. Most of all when you are here you get people with a good level of energy, you touch them when they are on vacation in Ibiza, it is also good for the production process.

The label we set up is called Stomp Recording. We released five maxis already, the last one is called Criminal Groove by Tania and Jose. We have set up out studio in an old loft in Barcelona, and we enjoy very much working night and day inside the studio. We’ve done this label with Jose de Divina and DJ Lima and Tania who is collaborating many times with us. Criminal Groove is the top ten Ibiza tracks

Stomp Recording Catalog

STMP-001/ Soul darkness - "Ray of light" 12" OUT NOW!
STMP-002/ José de Divina & Evanz D - "Unreleased" 12" OUT NOW!
STMP-003/ José de Divina, Evanz D & Tania Vulcano - "Criminal groove" 12" OUT NOW!
STMP-004/ José de Divina & Evanz D - "Driven by a nite revolution" 12" COMING SOON
STMP-005/ DJ Elías - "Keep on stompin'" 12" COMING SOON

What parties are you playing at?
I do Pacha, I do Privilege, La Diosa, Pinup.

How would you describe your sound?
Funky house, deep house, tribal, and when I feel a little bit wilder I like to play a little tech house. I start djing in early 90s, in Palma and then I start to get known when I had my two year residency starting in 94 at Space Ibiza. After that I’ve been resident at Pacha, Privilege, all the major clubs basically.
There was more of an artisan approach in Space when I first start. The dj booth was behind the bar, there was no that famous terrace, there was no big name. Now it’s very different getting three or four big names every Sunday I believe just Space can do this.

Where else in the world has a good scene?
I loved Canada when I did the Ibiza Super Clubs Tour for Privilege. I really felt the people were very warm and pleased and they let you know they enjoy it. Otherwise I like the French scene. I had a residency at Le Queen in Paris and I have some fans there. There is a really good underground house scene in France. I was resident for WAD at Queen. I’ve done the last compilation, it has had good sales, and I’m doing the next one with Tania Vulcano, I look forward to collaborating with Tania, I love her sound.
I do my first gig for SWT on September 20 in Singapore alongside Jose de Divina, I heard some real good stuff about that club Liquid Room which has a medium sized terrace as well as inside room. I’ll play the terrace and Jose will play inside. I can’t wait to be there. We are doing a 20 hour flight in the weekend to play four hours. How cool is that?

Words by Mike Stuart