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Go BackSCREAMING QUEENS – La Troya goes out with a simulated gangbang and a simper (pics from Amnesia + the afterparty @ Space)

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Amnesia’s lavish Wednesday nighter La Troya Asesina has become a must-see for short term visitors to the island. The closing party last night demonstrated once again the general public still a ravenous appetite for picturesque perversion is still ravenous, if the queues at 3am were anything to go by.

And they were still pouring in the door at 6 when the Space Ibiza team decided a few hours sleep before the after party at Space might be of greater benefit to our news gathering abilities than more Ecstasy. Scroll down for edited photographic highlights.

Thanks muchly to Pier Luigi & his friendly team for getting us and all our mates in. The captions underneath are excerpts from internal dialogue that took place on the night in question.

'Nice stilts, Baby Marcelo'

'Inside is ok at the start but there's no way I'm gonna be in here when that foam starts, and none of the taxis or buses let you in if you're dripping'

'These nice girls are all very excited. Why are they all wearing sashes?'

'Nice terrace'

'Nice hat'

'Nice staged orgy'

'Nice ass'

'Nice smile'

'Nice, er, moves'


'More nice than I've ever had access to'

'Nice explosions'

'Lots and lots of nice confetti'

'Feelin' nice'n'fucked up in Amnesia again - have I been here since Monday night? No, I definitely remember leaving and coming in again, still wearing the same photo pass I got from the Cocoon guys. I'm gonna keep hold of it and try it again for the closing on Saturday.'

Sunny, Oliver & friends @ La Troya afterparty @ Space

Xris, Kate & Gen

Words by gay sometimes