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It’s more Dutch than Ibiza and less American than the Miami Winter Music Conference but the aim remains the same: boomp, boomp, boomp, all night long. The parties are the bizness, but the bizness is also parties - deals will be struck and knowledge will be passed on during the stimulating daytime conference activities.
The ideas will be roadtested immediately. Twenty five thousand revellers are expected to dress up for Halloween and pour into the ‘Dam to be entertained, exhumed then entertained again by 1,200 club professionals with hype rays set to stun. (Halloween is on October 31, which is the Friday.)
“What criteria are used when booking artists?” we asked organiser Pieter Van Adrichem via email.
“They have to be good,” he replied, which is of course the right answer.

Pieter[/center]Not ADE adepts but looking forward to becoming more acquainted with the area, we at have greatly appreciated the advice solicited and now disseminated here. Herr Van Adrichem wouldn’t play favourites, but perusing the ADE site ( some of the following events caught our wandering eye.

On Friday October 31 at Café Lux the “loungepunk” Goldfinger will be beguiling the crowd on home turf. Meanwhile at Desmet, the Bureau Export de la Musique Française present “So Frenchy, So Chic” on Plantage Middenlaan featuring DJ Black Sifichi (Jarringeffects, Super Stoned Group) and more. More live and less Gallic will be Electro @ Paradiso, with the Fat Truckers, Viva la Fete and Relaxed Muscle. Afterhour power will be provided courtesy of the Space World Tour at Club IT, featuring deep & tasty selections from Jose de Divina and Jon Ulysses (no doubt both these guys will still be amped from Space closing ).

Continuing the modern retro theme on Saturday @ Melkweg, Electronation will feature Indo whizz kid Terry Toner (actually born in the 80s) ably partnered by Herr ARTer, Whiplash, DJ Paletti and Dion.

On Sunday at 020 the after ADE program will keep everybody in orbit with extra-terrestrial jazz from Blue Note’s Eddy de Clercq, DJ Phil Horneman and his Wicked Jazzsounds band. Pieter’s gonna have plenty of material for a book after it all finishes, but we got an abridged version for you here:[center]
Amsterdam centraal[/center]How's your summer been so far?
The summer is definitely over, but the ADE is going great: over 200 artists, over twenty clubs and venues: it's the biggest event to witness lots of new music in Europe.

So, what this Amsterdam Dance Event all about then? Is it going to be any good?
It's basically a music conference focussed on the dance music industry. Apart from the convention part, where everyone who means anything comes to, we also have a huge night program in Amsterdam's best clubs.

Who are you really looking forward to seeing?
Too many to mention but highlights certainly include Derrick May & Francois K, Moloko, a Berlin electro night

What was it like last year?
Well, we had less venues but we still had a great vibe> The ADE doesn't have one style of music: we try to show what's happening in the entire spectrum of dance music, whether it's electro, progressive, club, garage, leftfield stuff or urban crossover...

What criteria are used when booking artists?
They have to be good.

Is bigger necessarily better?
Definitely not: the ADE is also about discovering someone who might be the next Carl Cox: we had the Audio Bullys, Legowelt, Armin van Buuren, Jori Hulkkonen and Boris Dlugosh when their international fame was still far at the horizon.

What's your background in the industry? Are you a born raver?
Naaaah, artist is a big word but I do tend to do some synth doodling sometimes

How many people are you expecting?

Which venue gets which parties? How big are they? What are your hot tips?

Main venues are Paradiso, Melkweg, Escape, More, Mazzo, Panama, 020, Hotel Arena Tonight, Amuse, Winston and Fantasio. Venues range between 200 and 1600. About hot parties: there's too many. Let's just say, there's something for (almost) anybody at the ADE[center]
Erol Alkan, Hotel Arena 2002[/center]Will anybody turn up to the day time proceedings? Does much business get done at these events?
Oh yeah: about 1300 people for the day program. The thing at the ADE is discovering new music and trading over copyright, and you actually have people sitting down at the conference to talk business. Which is pretty unique.[center]
A bag & last year's keynote speaker Louie Vega[/center]Would you agree that dance music is considered mainstream by European youth?
Yes, but there's a lot happening in the underground.

Is this a good thing, or no?
Well, the good thing is that Europe has found IT'S OWN niche: that young people have their own branches of dance music. Whether you talk about Bunker Records/Crème in The Hague of BPitch Controll/WMF in Berlin: it's clear that these labels reflect a scene that has a true sound of it's own. The mainstream feeds off the underground, and therefore the mainstream will have a more European sound. so I would say it's a good thing...

Why do you think the dance music industry has had so much attention from the authorities world wide of late?
Dance music has an image problem - which is also a matter for the media - because even when the music itself is so deeply integrated in today's culture, it's still associated with drug deaths, freaked out ravers in muddy festivals. It's time electronic and dance music organisers realise that they can make a step into bringing dance music in the realm of serious culture... the music itself is ready for it!

How strong do you think the dance music industry would be if it didn't have this attention to contend with?
I think it would be easier for dance music to be taken seriously if the media would focus on the music itself.

What's the dance music scene like in Amsterdam at the moment?
I would make it broader than just Amsterdam: let's say that The Hague has a particular strong electro-scene, Amsterdam is good for club/garage/intelligent (I hate that term!) techno. Rotterdam has a lot of urban and harder techno

What approach do the authorities take when regulating the clubs in the Netherlands? Do they do a good job?
Most of the time there is a dialogue between clubs and local governments. The national government is quite conservative though: some years ago therewere point at parties where you could have your pill tested, but those days are over...

Is partying a right or a privilege?
A right, so I think prices should be low.

What are you going to do when this is all over?
Write my memoirs...[center]
Felix Meritis

Marco V @ Escape, October 18 2002

People registrating, last year

Ndambi @ Paradiso, October 18 2002

A US distribution panel, apparently

Relax @ Melkweg, October 18, 2002[/center]

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