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Go BackHANDS IN THE AIR, FINGERS IN DYKES – The Space World Tour team anticipate the delights of the ‘Dam during the ADE (inc. Jon Ulysses Top Tips For Tourists!)

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If life was an animated adventure film, the rave citizens of Ibiza would meld frequencies with our funky sistas and brothas in Amsterdam to put the bass in the face of the violent squares. All the baddies would have American accents and the heroes of the kinky revolution would make a fortune selling Halloween costumes and other party accoutrements and build speaker stacks that scrape the sky.


Think of this article you’re reading as a trailer, because that’s exactly what’s gonna happen this weekend in perhaps what is perhaps Europe's most simultaenously sensible and groovy town. The lineup of the Amsterdam Dance Event features an extravagant musical mishmash who's common bond is a commitment to intense leisure rather than genre solidarity.
Our sources report Dutch citizens both adopted and native have been passing to the left hand side all summer and the Amsterdam Dance Event will be a farewell to the fair weather fit for 25 grand of Europe’s most super furry animals.

Two of the superest and furriest are Space resident Jon Ulysses and Robert Heerdt, who runs Club iT, where Space will be competing with the rest this fantastic event has to offer on Friday 31 Oct. If you’re not salivating by the time you finish reading this your taste buds are all dried up.

[center] [/center]How were the Ibiza closings for you?
Jon Ulysses: The closings for me were very very good, fantastic in fact. Phenomenal. I did like quite an early set but it was proper going nuts. I stayed there till seven o’clock in the morning. I was hardcore. People were going to me ‘Let’s go somewhere else’ and I was like ‘What you talkin’ about? Don’t be silly, Carl Cox is in there mate. Let’s ‘ave it!’ I think it stayed open till about eight but I just couldn’t go on. I think I’d been in there since one [pm, the previous day].

What does it feel like for you when Space closes?
It’s a bit sad in a way, because it is the end of the season. When Space closes, that’s it, the ultimate end. It just means you’ve got to go back to work, if you look at it. You gotta go back out there and start grafting. I go back to London, go back to the studio, gig around the country, gig around Europe. When you’re in Ibiza it’s like all your pals are there from years gone by and it’s just fun and happiness and smiles and good things.

Did you go on to DC10 etc, or did you collapse?
I did go home, collapse. But then I did go to DC10, it would be sinful not to. I went to DC10 and I think I stayed there till about half past three in the morning. And then there was that DC10 afterparty, it was in the hills of Sant Rafel and we was in there till about seven. And then I think I’d done my bit for society, big time.
Since then I stayed here for a bit, had a little holiday. I’ve had a very busy schedule actually since returning to London. I’s been in Germany, Vienna, Barcelona, Zaratoga, Birmingham, and here. Back in Ibiza for a week’s holiday.
I’m here till Thursday, I’m only really here to see you lovely selves, to see Fritz and just enjoy the last pleasures of Ibiza really, before I go back to cold, rainy London.

Looking forward to the Amsterdam gig?
The Amsterdam gig for me, the last time I was there, I had such a good time that I’m quite looking forward to going back.

Have you been to Club IT before?
No, I haven’t. Last time we did a gig in Cubic with the Space World Tour, just unbelievable. I played a two and a half hour set, an early set but it didn’t really matter. It was a good thing because that was me done and I went out and started to have some fun. I think it was me, Jose Divina, Tania Vulkano and Reche and we ended up just going to afterparty to afterparty to afterparty and we ended up not sleeping and going straight onto the plane. Just all that kind of madness. So I’m really looking forward to rediscovering Amsterdam. That was about a year and a half ago, so I’m really looking forward to going back.

Do you play a different set for gay crowds?
I think it really depends on how you are feeling on the night.

You mean like how gay you feel?
How would you describe as gay? I’d describe DC10 as gay in a way, that sort of underground, afterhours, sweaty tops of sort of thing. I would also describe Miss Moneypenny’s as gay, that kind of filtered, funky, happy sort of sound. How do categorise gay?

Gay is what you want it to be.
Exactly, that’s what I think.[center][/center]
Name five suggested activities for someone who had never been to Amsterdam:

1. Well definitely, seeing as I am a consummate green head without being to blatant, the café situation is a must without a doubt.

Any specific advice?
Names are unimportant, the green is what is important and as long as they got a good little list of what you need to be chewing on, then let’s go to eat.[center][/center]2. Well, I would suggest a good bicycle ride around and look at the beauty of Amsterdam. Because it’s a very authentic sort of city, and it’s got some lovely architecture so I’ll definitely suggest that. Being that I like my architecture and that sort of thing.[center]
[/center]3. Third I would say that you should at least check out the... red light district. Ok, I said it. Because I think that synonymous to what it is known for, Amsterdam. London, Paris, New York is known they all have their own individualities. You go to Rome, you gotta go to the Coliseum. You got to New York you got to go to the Empire State Building and or the Statue of Liberty, you go to London you go to see the house of parliament, Big Ben. You gotta do that. And in Amsterdam as a tourist the red light district you gotta go and see.

Any places or people you’re on first name terms with?
No, just follow the red lights. [center]
These shots may possibly have been taken in Amsterdam[/center]4. Number four, I would suggest definitely checking out the clubbing in Amsterdam. The clubs, the bars, I think they have a very intricate nightlife there. And I also think the people are very friendly there, all English speaking, very easy going, you can generally walk up to some people and ask for directions and feel quite comfortable about that.

Any specific advice for our readers?
Not that I can remember off hand, to be honest with you. Because I was set on a whirlwind romance of madness from my arrival, and your memory just gets lost after that.

5. Possibly take a car and drive outside of Amsterdam. See what the other little surrounding towns have to offer. I’d always suggest getting in a car and seeing what the outskirts have to offer. [center]
Ruigoord[/center]What other exciting stuff have you got coming up?
I’ve got my new release coming out on Azuli records. It’s called The Voice, by artist name of Nine Lives, that’s coming out in the first week of November. That’s the last track on the inside CD of the Space compilation. It was made by myself and another producer up and coming Matt Schwarz (check) of the Fortune500 and the Bodyswerve Micha Paris sort of sway.
It’s quite a percussive dark track, a bit different to my usual funky thing but I just wanted to go in a different direction this year, and I’m quite glad I did because I got a little bit more respect from people in the industry I didn’t expect to.[center][/center]

We also got some comments from a resident - Robert Heerdt is the spokesman for the consistently kicking Club iT, where Jon and the aforementioned Jose de Divina will make merry. Us here at Space Ibiza Dot Com will be there to record it all for your idle amusement. Because that’s what we’re for.

How's it going? What was summer in Amsterdam like?
Robert: Its going very well. Busy. Summer was great over here. Very hot like everywhere in Europe!

Tell us a little about your club
We had some great parties this summer both for our Straight and Gay audience and we’re looking forward to extend the summer feeling a little bit with the Space Ibiza night on October 31!
It’s the first time we are involved in the Amsterdam dance event. My business partner Rene van Beek and me bought Club iT last year and had major refurbishment going on to bring it back on track. Although we are already the organizers for Salvation Amsterdam and Rene is the owner of another club (Cockring) we never thought about it before.
Club iT is a venue with a capacity for 1500 clubbers. It’s brand new interior is made by a fresh designing team .Ultramodern, shiny black with vip lounge (the glass house) and its colourchanging glass walls gives you the feeling you are somewhere in a club in NY city or London. The history of Club iT goes back to summer 89 when it all started.
It was one of the most extravagant clubs from Europe for years that attracted a lot of famous people Like Gaultier, Montana, Prince ,Grace Jones, Spice Girls etc. Together with all kinds of “’strange” people. Gay or straight was never an issue! Everything was allowed. And so the audience did!
End of the 90’s it lost his fame and reputation simply because other clubs worldwide start to copy that what was happening over here. Mid 2002 we bought the club not to restart and imitate the past but to bring iT back to life in a 21st century setting.

We are still there for both straight and Gay audience. Thursdays is our successful students night . Fridays it’s Golddiggers with alot of sexy girls, champagne etc.
Saturday we have every week another theme - r&b, Groovy House and every 3rd Sat “”Real”” the hardcore gaynight. Different organizers are responsible for the Clubnights.

All the big Djs from the Netherlands played in our Club. Yes even many started to play here years ago! Also guys like Alex Lauterstein, Manny Lehman from the US played some sets over here.

Our club is there for everyone. Our employees are both gay and straight or in between. However some nights are straight, some nights mixed and some gay only, everyone is welcome.
It’s sometimes like the Space terrace in Ibiza on the Saturday mornings with the Matinee Group. Muscle guys without a shirt , blond dutch girls with their boyfriends. It is all here! Because other big Cities like Cologne, London, Paris, Brussels etc are close by , you always will have an international crowd.

Is Amsterdam really the pit of vice and sleaze American policymakers would have us believe?
Americans. What to say about them? They all love it,go to the red light district and smoke joints over here.

Why do the Dutch have such a progressive attitude towards social policy?
Yes , dutch people are very direct. Have no shame, talk easy about sex. But that’s pretty much everywhere in Europe. (Ibiza too of course.)
You can smoke pot everywhere but other drugs are as illegal as everywhere else. We have a strong door/drug policy , everyone gets a search. So be warned!

How long have you been involved in the club scene? What drew you to it? What does your job involve?
I am active in the club scene since 3 years now together with my business partner Rene van Beek. We started the succesfull (Gay) clubnight Salvation here every first Friday of the month.

Rene already owned a successful Club , and last year we bought Club iT. 2 years ago we started also with Salvation Athens but since it became to much work for us we handed this over to the Salvation London team. So 2 Clubs and 4 club nights makes life pretty busy.
Since I also like to know what’s going on in the world I fly often to London, Madrid, Paris, or NY to see what’s happening over there. It’s really fun to say at 4am at Saturday night that you are working!

Do you come to Ibiza much?
This year I was only 1 week on Ibiza, because I had simply to much to do to stay longer. However last year I was there 6 weeks during the high season because of Kinky Trade which we did at Amnesia last year together with Trade London. It was the most successful night for the summer 2002 season on the Sunday.

For me Space Ibiza is still the best club on the Island! The Thursdays after La Troya and of course the Saturday morning on the terrace are the mornings I never skip! I like my music happy and vocal! It has to have a real summer feeling! No hardcore trance or deep Techno! I am 34 and pretty much heard everything! For me the atmoshpere in the club and the people are very important. It’s not always a guarantee that good DJ gives you a great night! No it all has to be in place!

So I hope I gave you some info about the Amsterdam team that brings you Space Ibiza on Oct 31st. The weekend will be very busy. It’s not only Amsterdam Dance event going on but also Leather Pride weekend and a big Kinky fetish party for everyone called Wasteland on the Saturday night.
Let Space Ibiza at club iT the start of a wonderful party weekend here in Amsterdam. Hope to see you all here!

Party safe!

Words by Dr Mick