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Go BackLOCATION TYPICAL DRUG ANECDOTES – A non-singing & dancing Cuban brother gets off a supply charge in Ibiza, while ad agencies go on the offensive in New York

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The United States can’t handle its drugs. Despite massive potential penalties and exhortations from the authorities, Americans consume more than any other people in the world. Which isn’t surprising given the hype.

[center][/center]According to a report in the New York Times the Partnership for a Drug-Free America will introduce an ad campaign focusing on the drug Ecstasy and backed by the largest donation of media time it has received. The Comcast Corporation - the cable giant, has agreed to donate time valued at $51 million over three years.
One commercial “shows teenagers running happily through bucolic fields as the word is superimposed on the screen like a slick corporate logo for a legal product. A teenage girl tells the camera, ‘Ecstasy changed my life!’ Following the pattern of direct-to-consumer ads, a voiceover begins to warn, "Ecstasy is not for everyone," but inverts the usual model by adding, "In fact, it's not for anyone."
Group Creative Director for the guys who got the contract, NY-based Gotham, said: "The pills have these branded logos on them, the name Ecstasy itself is a brand, so we thought it was only right to use advertising and marketing techniques against this drug."

Meanwhile the Ibiza Sun reports of a very sensible judge who let go a visitor from the Caribbean who was apprehended last month at the airport with 200 pills, eight grams of cocaine and seven of hashish. Although apparently earlier the accused had mistakenly told police he was planning to sell his stash at the closing parties (duh) he then remembered that he was just carrying them for his friends.
Five associates of the presumably very grateful Cuban came forward and stated the drugs were in fact for their use. According to some interpretations of Spanish law if there is no evidence of trafficking no offence has been committed. Up to 50 can be considered reasonable for personal consumption.[center]
Ibiza sun in October[/center]The moral of the story? Get high with a little help from your friends.

Words by Mike, obviously