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Go BackIRISH STEW IN THE NAME OF THE LAW – Our correspondent gets felt up by the security on arrival @ ColoursFest Ireland, leaves smiling

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If a Scotsman is just an Irishman who can swim, where does that leave the party hard local ladies? Belfast Bex tells us where it’s at and acquires quotes from English gentlemen djs playing an arena hosted by a Spanish club at a festival run by Scottish promoters in the Republic of Ireland.

Beckie Johnston: When I was asked to do this review I really didn't know what to expect. Living in Belfast and having survived Ibiza a summer and 2 holidays, I'd heard great things about the club Colours and being already a die hard Space fan I expected it to rock. But I wasn't sure how the lack of Ibizan sunshine exchanged for Irish drizzle would fare, then I found out that it was an indoor event and it was hey ho away we go. So on Sunday October 26 me and my band of merry men (and one happy wee maiden) made our way in a dodgy van with seats in it (calling itself a taxi) on the hour long trip to the event.

Anyway we arrived in spot on time pulling up to the Oasis complex to be met by a rather typically ill-informed but nonetheless burly and over zealous security crew, who performed a fairly invasive nay intrusive body search. We were half expecting them to pull on a pair of rubber gloves!

The first room you came into upon entrance was the main Sounds of Enigma Arena where Tony Mullen and Leno were thrashing out big sounds to some pretty crazy lookin dudes. It's true that festivals bring out the more creative side of people - there were bricklayers in reactiv8 boiler suits and hairdressers in neon thongs with matching fishnets. The persistent yeti boots which look good on noone also made a guest appearance or six.

After getting the beers in we decided to go for a wander and check out the rest of the venue. We were pleased to find that the Space Arena was not only huge but also in the marquee which meant that you could dance without getting all sweaty. Our 1st choice of dj was definitely the front of the crowd: Jon Ulysses plays great tunes which sent me straight back to the terrace on a Sunday. What quickened our paces on the way to his stage were the sounds of ‘Knights of the Jaguar’ blasting our way but I also wanted to say hi and see how he liked returning to Ireland. He played a great mix of new and old, one classic worth mentioning was Candy Statton's ‘You Got The Love'. We had a chat after his set, however I remained professional and got a few quotes too.

Jon’s impressions of Ireland: "Fantastic. The people are really friendly, I'm not used to that being from London. It's a very beautiful place too, I really like where I'm staying it's on a golf course, loads of trees and hills."
On his previous visit: "I had a great time but I was playing. I've never partied though, but I'd like to, you never know!"

After Jon said “Cheerio!” we headed back to check out James Zabiela who we had seen the month previously for my birthday in The edge, Belfast. He played another great set of beats'n'beaks. Luckily enough I managed to get a few words with him too.

James on Ireland: "Yeah I love playing here, I've played at Lush before, in Derry a few times and of course the Edge. The Irish people are mad."
And on the set he just played :"I wish the lights were down a bit, people can't lose their inhibitions so much. But I enjoyed the set, they've got some really great toys up there."
By that I assume he meant the equipment set up rather than the management making a decision to have a DJ twister comp behind the decks. The only other thing I saw fit to ask him without taking up more of his time was the origin of his name.
"It is my real name it's Polish. I've been there a few times seeing family and stuff it's a cool place."

Felix[/center]After we wrapped it up we dandered around for the next few hours taking it all in. Another mightily impressive set was that of Felix da Housecat who brought da house down indeed playing 'Silver Screen Shower Scene' then following it with the Tom Middleton mix of The Rapture's 'House of Jealous Lovers' .
The meganite arena was our final destination with Green Velvet, who never fails to impress delivering an energetic enigmatic set in his own charismatic style. Leading us to take yet another breather before Chris Liebing's offering which I was highly anticipating following his performance at I Love Techno in Belgium this time last year. I wasn't disappointed. It was fast and unrelenting and we danced our wee socks off. When he dropped a remix of the White Stripes 'Seven Nation Army' the crowd rightly went fucking apeshit.

[/center]Despite being half dead by 2.30am by 3am I was getting my second wind.....then the lights came on. A painful reminder that despite the sounds of Ibiza we were in fact in Ireland and unfortunately bound by shit out of date licensing laws. But I suppose at someone once said that I read somwhere "It was a wonderful visit, perfect in being much too short" We left wanting more and judging by the goofy grins on the faces of the mass exodus on leaving, we weren't alone. If the promoters see fit to repeat it next year we'll be back on the rickety taxi bus.

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Words by The middle man