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Go BackINTERNATIONAL DANCE & TRANCE FOR SPORTING SUCCESS – Dutch super-ravers ID&T lauded (by us) for their uplifting effect on the national football team

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Fuck the rugby - football’s Euro 2004 tournament next year will be more popular and more expensive than any oval ball competition (and a lot more difficult for England to win). Traditionally Holland is a good soccer performer, so when they lost one nil to Scotland the Brave But Generally Hopeless a couple of weeks ago and put in doubt their chances of qualifying, fingers were pointed.

In whose direction? ID&T's, actually. The mega successful event’n’promotions’n’radio’n’record label hosted at the very least one player (Patrick Kluivert) at the rave only hours after the humiliation. Sections of the online media in the Netherlands gleefully painted a picture of tranced-out celebrity athletes gurning their nuts off, but as a scoop though it turned about to be a bit of a non-starter. Especially as the Dutch side hammered Scotland six nil in the return leg, and squashed flat the small, unripe tomato that was their opponent's sense of self worth. So does it follow then that dance music improves professional performance? we asked ID&T spokesman Sander Groet.
“You should think that,” he replied by email. “A good party doesn't affect your sportive ability.”

Sander, before & after[/center]And neither does a lifetime of promoting them affect promptness with regards to media enquiries, judging by the speed at which our email questionnaire was returned. His reply arrived in our inbox just a shade over 12 hours after we got it to him, and therefore Sander has soundly beaten Timo Maas’s record. But is he as rich as the German superstar jock? Richer, most probably.

How's 2003 going? Are you still happening? Still huge?
Sander Groet: 2003 was a good year. Almost all dance-events sold out this year and in totally 400,000 people have visited (incl. Innercity in december) our events in 2003

How was your recent event in Amsterdam (Saturday October 15)? Did you see any of the Dutch football players? Do they often turn up to your events?
Only Kluivert appeared from the Dutch national team because his wife had a VIP table. There were a lot of other football players but none of them had to play for the national team.

What is else is dance music good for? Can you remember the first time you heard it? What did you think?
It opens your mind, bring people closer to each other and is the best opportunity to Release yourself.

What influence do you think dance music and the attendant culture has had on Dutch society? When did ID&T start? What was the scene like then?
ID&T started in 1992, in that early years the raves where only underground. Now dance music is the biggest thing in Holland. With stadium like the Amsterdam Arena where 70.000 people dance on the Sensation event it has become the biggest movement for people between 18 and around 35

Did you get to Ibiza much this summer? If so, how was it? If not, why not?
Yes, i've been there the last 2 weeks of September. I had a great time. Two weeks is the minimum for me to visit the isle.

When did you first hear about this place? Was it what you expected?
It was better than I expected, I thought it was only parties but it's also the ultimate place to relax, chill and rest.

How did an underground subculture get so big and mainstream? Is it still subversive?
Because dance music is too good to stay underground. More and more people are affected by this music revolution. It's no longer the music for a few people but music which a lot of people like and enjoy going out on. In Holland we own a nation wide radio station broadcasting on with 24 hours / day dance music (called ID&T Radio).

Why are the authorities so against it? Why isn't intense leisure judged by the same criteria as other recreational activities? What's wrong with people having a concentrated dose of fun every weekend?
In Holland the authorities are not against it when you take care of all rules. But in previous times it was difficult to get on speaking terms with them.

What's your internet strategy? Who comes to your site and why?
Around 40.000 people come to our site to see the news, listen to the radio, have information about our events and to see pictures etc.

What effect has the decreasing retail value of music had on the profit margins of the your industry, if any?
Six years ago our music department was the most profitable department. Now it isn't any more. We make some profit with music and dvds but the best years are definitely over.

Where will the money come from in the future? Are you rich yet? If so, how does it feel? If not, do you give a fuck?
I started to organise events as a hobby. That was 14 years ago in a youth center on a non profit basis in my home town Edam (around 20 km in the North of Amsterdam). Now we make good money but the essential thing didn't change; I still love to entertain people and to make sure they having a good time.

ID&T are to lauch a new telecom service. ID&T Mobile, as it is to be known, is operated by Telfort and will provide a full service for ringtones, MP3 music, and the exchange of party pictures
ID&T also plan to release a book about their history. The founders of the company Irfan, Duncan and Theo (ID and T) started the business years during the days of their hardcore ‘Thunderdome’ parties around Holland

Words by Buck Shelford