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Go Back“EVERYBODY NEEDS EVERYBODY, NOBODY NEEDS NOBODY” – Zenith’s toothsome twosome do their bit for community relations.

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Zenith’s Roberto and Ernesto look like they’ve sold their souls to Satan. Ruff, but trendy with it, the veteran Ibiza-based promoters are the kind of guys you really want on your side. If only because then you can get invited to the next instalment in their continuing series of literally decadent parties in expensive surroundings packed with beautiful men and women who have sex with each other. Not at the venue of course, but this is what Zenith parties are like. Where Roberto and Ernesto go, so do up to several thousand others.

Ernesto & Roberto 11.12.03[/center]I was a bit surprised when they knocked on the door on Friday as they were actually scheduled to attend an appointment. But to be honest much as they like us (and we like them), they don’t need us. They brought fame and profit to 2003’s surprise success story, the opulent La Diosa near the central island town of Santa Getrudis, with a minimum of hype and a modicum of excellent organisation. Yeah, those kind of guys. Ibiza wouldn’t have the reputation for vintage hedonism that it now enjoys without the decade of parties they have put on all over the world, Miami included. But why aren’t they going to the Winter Music Conference next year? Read on.

Ernesto (left): We are from Zenith Ibiza. We are opening a new place, called Zenith café. Where you can find good music, good people and of course, good food. It’s a fusion of cusine from Italian and Thai. Pizza strictly from Naples.

Is it as good as [the world famous in Ibiza Town] Bella Napoli?
I think so. But for sure more cheap.

Is it where Gecko used to be, opposite the ferry terminal?
Forget Gecko, we have a nothing to do with Gecko. We are Zenith. We change everything from the colour of the wall, chair table everything, new everything. Everything’s new.

Tell us about your summer?
La Diosa was really the surprise of the summer. It was the new place, a little bit far from Ibiza, finally we got the best people, the more important on the island and the most important people about the party. We mix the party people, and more the VIP people. We start 10 year ago on the beach, before Bora Bora, before everything. We start with the new concept of the afterhour. No more in the closed space with no light, but with the new concept on the beach. It was the Space closing at 11 in the morning, then we start from the twelve to the midnight, every day, seven day a week. So it was a big big surprise because before the after hour was hard, there was no happy music. At our parties everybody dance, we had all the best people from the club, all round Ibiza like Pacha, Space, Amnesia, Privilege, and then there was too all the pr, all the dancing girl, all the gogo, everybody. Then we moved to Amnesia for one year. Then we move again to a new place. A place called Alarro close to one beach close to the airport where nobody know but we make known this beach. We start from 11, 12 o’clock in the morning till 3, 4 o’clock in them morning, sometimes 5, 6. So we make just two months and half, and then the police closed. Because the police tried for our party make like a, you know, they stopped the sound system one time. We rent another sound system, they come again. Two time. Then we rent another one, then the last time they come with a lot of caterpillar, they stop, they take everything. They just leave a my dog. It was terrible, but then we move to Pacha. We make the backroom of Pacha for six year every day. Then one time a week we make whole Pacha in the main room our party. Then we move to Amnesia for two year, then this year we move to La Diosa, the new concept of the party. Now I leave you to my partner Roberto, he one of my partner.

Roberto (right) : About New Year’s Eve, first of all hello, this is Roberto. For New Year we want to concentrate our energy on the new place. Is a restaurant, is also bar, a place to keep all the friends together till four five o’clock in the morning it’s not going to be an event. But I think people are not going to follow you in two things, like a pre-club party and then in a club a party. But we are happy to do one thing and to do good, then you can enjoy a little bit the party. Ten year we don’t spend a New Year’s Eve without working. So 5 o’clock we close then we gonna go crazy.

Why aren’t you going to the Miami Winter Conference in March next year?
For the first party we release in Miami was not for the Winter Music Conference that was in 1993. And then we start going up and down from Ibiza to Miami every year. Six years we are doing our event for the Winter Music Conference. Just today we were speaking about the utility to do a party in Miami. I think at the moment for a promoter it’s not very important to do a party in Miami because there is big big competition. So before to do a party there was to meet friends to enjoy, it was family stuff. Now it become a bizness. Before the dj played for free because they come there for fun. Now they dj wanna be paid. You need people doing the promotion because last year for one week the people they released more than 300 party. So you can imagine if you puit a flyer on a table somewhere in 2 minutes there are 50, 60 flyers. So it become very stressing to organise a party there. At the same we time we had a party for 5,000 people, I mean it was successful but in the end, you go there you pay, because it cost you money. But I think even tho even if it’s a big event it’s not able to make promotion for Ibiza. Ibiza make promotion for Miami, but Miami cannot make promotion for Ibiza. I make promotion 10 years, and even if know where is the best party, I know where they go, where there is the best VIP. They don’t care about dj, they don’t care about clubs, they go in the VIP. Where there is a nice girls, where there is a nice service, where there is a VIP. Where they can take all the shit they got in the pocket.
And saying the true, and not because we wanna be pretentious, but this year we released this party in La Diosa, without flyer, without poster, but we organise very nice VIP, these people come along. They don’t even know was Zenith. So at the end, I think it is better for promoters in Ibiza to concentrate they energy in Ibiza. Then go to Miami where the people you want to invite, the same day they are doing there own party. I start to have this problem, I start to invite people but these people already have five or six other party. There the people now is stressed. Is nice for a holiday.

What are you going to do instead?
For 2004 we want to push the new place, because it has the potential to become a very important meeting point. Is gonna be a place where you can go 24 hour a day, for lunch, brunch, breakfast, dinner, you can eat and dance till 3 o’clock in the morning, is also a bar till 5 o’clock. And of we want to follow this concept that has been very successful and very good, the one at La Diosa. This place we think after one year will have more potential because for them it was their first year and they miss material, they miss many point. This year with more experience, more organisation. For last year we did 3,000 people, next year we can double of people. But this is not the point, we can release an event complete, something nice, well organised.
Catch Zenith in Marbella, Spain, 20th December[/center]

Words by Mike