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Go BackWILL YOU BE AT THE WORLD'S BEST PARTIES IN 2004? – When to get on it in Ibiza & beyond

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We’ve broken our rave-saying up into 12 bite-sized chunks to correspond to the months of the Gregorian calendar. Some general themes emerge. Sex, drugs and religion collide. More bombs will surely explode, and we offer our support for pro-security measures to ensure there are no repeats of attacks by killjoy terrorists. After all you can’t party if your legs have been blown off.

However we ain't into escalation tactics that backfire tragically either, a la Iraq. We dig law’n’order as much as boozing’n’beats, but force should be proportionate in a way that anti-raver laws are not. The perpetrators of both these sets of policies doomed to failure should get their priorities straight. Clubs and other music venues pay taxes and keep unruly youth employed, safe and really, really happy. Busting the providers and consumers of intense leisure services is anti-bizness and just plain unfriendly. What are these zealots trying to do - provoke a riot?

Anyway, on with the fatherfucking show. This is where to get up, get out, get loose, get dizzy even, in roughly chronological order for 2004. Healthy. Collect the set. Etc, etc.
[center]JANUARY[/center]1: NEW YEAR'S DAY, Ibiza (SPAIN)
The first fiesta of the 2004 was a soaring success and a good party omen for all those who made the effort. Click here for pics from Pacha, Amnesia, DC10 and mucho mas.

24: SPACE WORLD TOUR CHILE in Galpón Simon Bolivar del Puerto de Valparaiso, Vina del Mar

Featuring Tania Vulcano (Space-DC10) & Jaime Fiorito (Space, Manumission Carry On)

16, 18, 23, 24, 26, 30 & FEB 1: BIG DAY OUT, Auckland (NZ), Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth (OZ)

Summer time, and downunder the living is breezy. Ockers and kissing cousins Kiwis like a good thrash, and the Big Day Out is where you can do it for hours and hours. Rock music is dance music remember, it’s just a bit less coordinated. Not for raving purists, but includes Ibiza-giggers like Basement Jaxx, Afrika Bambaataa, Audio Bullys & Felix da House Cat.

[/center]7 & 21: SPACE WORLD TOUR CHILE, Pucon & Valparaiso.
A.J. Crypt will feature at the Valparaiso date (February 21) alongside the highly respected Behrouz (above), a regular visitor to Ibiza over the last 12 months. This is the big 'un, Chile house fans. Be there or live with that sickening feeling of regret in your stomach for years to come.

27 till March 9: MARDI GRAS, Sydney (OZ)
Go extra-gay for a day or even a couple of weeks. Bound to frequented by numerous members of the Australian judiciary and rugby league players in varying levels of disguise.


Standing up for their love rights in States will be the 2004 edition of the WMC, which has exerted such a massive cultural gravity in the rave industry. Respect to everybody who participates and performs - we love your music and your people and wish you success for years to come.
The WMC will also feature the 19th Annual International Dance Music Awards, revered as the premier annual awards event for the dance and electronic music industry. The Ultra Music Festival (see left), the largest music festival of its kind in the US, is on board as the official opening event. We trust it will be huge.

13: The final leg of this year’s Southern hemisphere summer SPACE WORLD TOUR CHILE, Santiago featuring Mazi & Jose de Divina.

[center]APRIL[/center]4/5: FULL MOON PARTY, Ko Phangan (Thailand)

Still cranking despite the Thai government’s unsuccessful and ultra-violent war on drug buyers and sellers combined with hit novel/movie ‘The Beach’’s description of backpackers as “cancers” and “parasites”. But there’s nothing wrong with swimming in the mainstream, as long as you don’t crap in the water.,

If you prefer to dig the underground, check out some of the nearby bays or even other islands. Take for example the Marti Party on Ko Samui @ Gecko Bar. A Club Q afflilliate, Marti has arranged an upcoming top bash - Tito La Rocka & DJ Gogo are just two of the Zurich's club residents attending what promises to be a particularly pretty occasion from February 9 till 21. This is what the organiser himself had to say about it:

"i got a hammer program well down already: i rent a big boat with 3 floors with a 20000 watt soundsystem and a roof bar. We start around midday, drive around Samui, make a stop at the Marine National Park to go snorkeling, and after a small break we go to Ko Phangan. The place call Tong Nay Pan Noi beach and there we will have a great seafood bbq and chillsound to enjoy sunset. After a few hours hanging we go back on the boat to Samui which means we will arrive around 8 o clock next morning.

"I got around 6 parties in these 2 weeks which means the crowd also can see a little bit about the beautyfull island and maybye some culture stuff not just party. I got 100 places and 90 are booked already. After 2 weeks in Samui we also go to Bangkok for 2 days and we will rock the place there as well."

11 till 22: Semana Santa, IBIZA SPAIN.
The is the first step to the season of 2004. All the workers start to arrive and everybody has the sweet feeling that the summer does too. Pacha benefits most from this first flush, and intend to add to their good will surplus by arranging Erick Morillo to come over for a free (before 3am) gig, on Wednesday April 7. For those who haven't had the pleasure, an evening spent in the company of this extremely good dj is commonly a raucous affair. You can take the boy out of Columbia and he will still give his crowd a royal going over. Local authorities have conveniently decided that no-one has to go back to work till the Friday. And then it's all back to Pacha again on the Saturday for some bloke called Pete Tong.

Furthermore, there may be a Dc10 party in the offing. Direct flights from the UK start from the first of the month and all the bars open up again. The hibernation of the Balearics is officially over.

[center]MAY[/center]Four significantly massive parties in different spots around the globe are all happening almost simultaneously. To put it in perspective - Space Ibiza's opening party (click here for photos of action from last year) and DC10 opening will be the smallest in this schedule. The other two are homelands in the shandy-drinking south of England and the Rio Parade in Brazil. The former is a leading contender on the UK heavyweight festival circuit, and the latter is a shameless exhibition of mass Latin exuberance.

29: Homelands, near Winchester (UK)

Organised by the same crew what does the We Love Sundays @ Space parties. A typical Homelands experience usually involves half a day of continuous, searingly good music followed by several hours of bitter cold at dawn.

Take a coat and several friends to huddle with while you wait for the bus.

30: Rio Parade, BRAZIL
Like the famous Carnival, except younger, fresher and exclusively electronic for extra intenseness. We were there last year, and we'll be there this year.
Booking at

[right]30:SPACE OPENING PARTY, IBIZA SPAIN[/right]Really good. Like, if you only do one party in a year and you do this one you won’t have missed out. For the full effect continue on into....


As surely as stalkers follow celebrities, Circo Loco will put on a party after Space opening. These two are a bit like conjoined twins attached at the hip - separate the two and all the life will leak out.

Date confirmed. Sant Rafael residents will rush to buy ear plugs.

We don't know for sure and probably neither do they, but Privilege usually opens the week after Amnesia.

2004 is the Mish's 10th Anniversary Year, so whenever and wherever Manumission get their freak on it's gonna be big. Look out for the actual birthday party on August 7.

17 -19: SONAR, Barcelona SPAIN

Barcelona is cooler and grungier than Ibiza. We sent along our two favourite ferral reporters last year: Diary of a pair of first-time Sonar-ites & we spoke to Ricardo Robles, creator of this alternative paradise.

Last year's festival got the green thumbs up from Mendip District Council, who have granted a license for the 2004 edition. 3,500 Sunday passes for locals sweetened the deal. In all, 150,000 are expected.

Pic "sampled" from Olivia Rutherford's site

[center]JULY[/center]Berlin Love Parade GERMANY
Dates not confirmed anywhere we can find them, but this wheeled-institution is likely to go ahead anyway. And even if it doesn't afterparties will spark up all over this zoopsia-ridden metropolis. Years of friendly pressure have created a diamond hard scene, where angels moan in sweaty rooms.

More pics from last year's event here

Full report here


As a promoter, if you can't fill your club in August it's time to give your nostrils a rest and quit the game. Even shit parties in this most peaky of seasons make money. Clubbers swarm round every club orifice at the big events, and bored rich people throw parties where everything's for free in the hope that all the dancers at Pacha will come and hang out with them. I wish I was a dancer at Pacha.

Big. Vies with the Berlin version and the following event for severe massiveness and jollity. Have we got the proof? Need you ask? Pics from ZP 2003

More floats and street parade mayhem, only with groovier music. Leave your gun at home, please.

Going back, back, back in time to 1999, the world's most eloquent news source Guardian Unlimited was incredulous as, in the film that shares its title, Notting Hill, star Hugh Grant fails to stumble over this occasion with its "massive eardrum-incinerating sound systems or Mount Kilimanjaro-sized piles of empty Red Stripe cans from the biggest street party in Europe, which surely kicks off outside his front door" even once during the years-long narrative.

30 - September 6: BURNING MAN, Nevada Desert US
BM 2003 (Pic by Craig Law)[/center]
A really full on gig gives you the chance to separate from your personality for a while and experiment with new modes of being. Well that's what happened to our mate Frank anyway.

The interest in this period last year was unprecedented. Like those beautiful dreams where you wake up and you've got tears on your face.

Oscar from Noctambula @ DC10, 29.09.03


The 'Dam is like Ibiza in some ways. Most everybody's really friendly and the intense leisure industry is firmly entrenched. Much bizness is done after midnight to a soundtrack of succulent sleaze. Click here for last year managing director interview. Or even here here for a funky report.

There's a slight possibiity these two girls are Dutch (pics courtesy of, for all the visual stimulation you might require. Btw, if you do like a bit of hot, tasteful lesbo action you might like to try the brandspanking, New York Times-approved tv series 'The 'L' Word' and its range of achingly pretty stars including ex-Flashdancer Jennifer Beals)

[center]NOVEMBER[/center]GOA INDIA.

Good friend, party promoter and media pundit Sophie MacIntosh (click here for Sophie's earlier appearance in these pages) has been thoroughly researching the Goa scene over the past two months. A committed Ibiza chica, Sophie is nonetheless open to new experiences, namely the genre of trance which has experienced its full flowering in the Paul Oakenfold-endorsed South Indian scene. Recently this arrived in our inbox

From: Sophie Macintosh
Sent: Tuesday, 30 December
Subject: More tales from the darkside of goa

My xmas was spent trancing out in a field, I hope all of yours were just as much fun. I do believe that I may be going to another trance party for new year, there’s a 36 hour one in the forest nearby, so think of me at midnight and say a prayer for my poor lost house soul.

Well it seems that not enough true believers interceded on Sophie’s behalf, because the next one was entitled: “yes. still in goa. have joined the tribe of frogs”

Pics courtesy of[/center]Ms MacIntosh says the scene starts in November and lasts till the monsoon season, around March.

Is it that time of year already? Don't ask us what it's going to be like in 2004, we've barely recovered from last year.

Of course these are just the more commercially successful operations in the world wide hedonism network. There are countless individual cells linked by a common ideology and ever-developing bizness operations. Are you with us, or against us*?

*Btw if you agree or disagree violently with any of the opinions/unsubtle hype presented in this article, feel free to tell us where to shove it. Use the Toilet Wall forum below, it's free and mostly anonymous, although we can tell what your DNS address is from here. Plugs for your own gigs, sexually oriented abuse etc welcome. Vent your frustration here.

Words by CHiPs