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Go BackA MINI SUMMER IN DECEMBER – White Isle’s New Year’s celebrations less than tranquilo

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The sun was shining brightly and parking space in Ibiza Town was again at a premium on December 31. If it wasn’t for the preponderance of warm jackets and sensible footwear, it could have been a day in June.

Dawn, 2004[/center]Of course it’s less of an cosmopolitan convention than high season. Respectable Spanish families and a sizeable contingent of Italian visitors constituted the majority of the revellers, but the two day series of fiestas was no less fun because of it. However much early action centred on spots unfamiliar to the summer holidaymaker. A large crowd of nattily dressed guys in suits and ties, accompanied by some stunning senoritas in beautiful ball gowns, gathered under the digital clock/temperature gauge on Vara del Rey for example.
It read 9 degrees, tho over the Christmas period it has been pushing 20 in daylight hours. The vocal locals overflowed onto the pavement outside bars at some remove from the Placa del Parc/port area, which isn’t to say those joints catering for the classy tourist were lacking custom. [center]
Salvatore, Roberto & friends @ Zenith Bar

Ernesto (right) leads the charge
[/center]Our boys Zenith were off and racing at their new venue opp. the ferry terminal, and Mao Rooms round the corner was comparably busy as clocks tick tocked down to 2004. Champagne corks took flight at midnight and friends and strangers planted lips, shook hands and recorded fuzzily their Ibiza Moment with the currently popular mobile phone/digi-cam combo.
Jim Harvey (right), 26, from the UK is the pointman for China White (London)’s rather swish Mao Rooms. Here is with loyal employee Juan, from Argentina. Jim's been with the bar since November, 2001. He started as barback, then barman, and is now managing the place. He gave this interview several days later, suffering from bronchitis.

How was your NY’s?
I was at Pacha in the Funky Room with Graham. I was at DC10 from 11.30 to 7, a fair old stint. Now I’m paying for it. Dc10 was definitely better than Space, mainly because Space is too big I s’pose. More lax at Dc10. I hadn’t been to DC10 for two years, it was a nice sunny day as well.

Will you go to China Whites when you visit London?
Probably. Hopefully they’ll let me in.

When will Mao Rooms reopen?
Semana Santa. Easter time, 1st weekend of April.

@ Mao Rooms
[/center]From there the acceleration was swift and inevitable, as surely as the magnet that is Pacha attracts the electro-chemically enhanced on a night out. Smiley resident Andy B had it locked down from the booth in Ibiza’s heritage-laden venue, which was packed by 2 and just got even packeder.[center]
Bobby D'Ambrosio

[/center]From 4am the Photo-Journalism Reportage Brigade took the opportunity to have a disco nap while the pics you see here downloaded and the hardworking image recording device charged up, but we were blearily rubbing the sleep out of our eyes on the 9am bus to San An which conveniently passes by the rurally situated enormo-barn that is Amnesia.[center]
The no. 3

Thousands of genetically modified farm animals seemed to have escaped from their pens and were frantically mooing and clucking in the dawn rays of 2004’s first day. Space being closed for day it was up to DC10 to take up the slack and the professionally-equipped alike.[center]
DC10 carpark[/center]The Circo Loco management team might have been a little concerned with the thinnish crowds in the a.m. but their notoriously hazy clientele are not noted for their punctuality. Loaded and corroded, people steadily filed in post midday, and by the time Jo Mills & Tania Vulcano completed their sets the place was firing. From there Behrouz choc-a-blocked it, Timo Maas rocked it, and everybody else lost it to the boot-knocking beats we know and lust after.[center]
A special bravo must go to Mr Maas & his affiliate Loco Dice, Timo’s ex road manager who's keeping it in the Circo Loco family. The two of them deserve respect, esp. the senior jock who imported into Ibiza the fresh fruits of time spent recently in the studio. His set was just brilliant. [center][/center]Not one stale tune was gifted to the voracious crowd, even if it wasn’t quite the 6 hour extravaganza we were promised on the flyers. But combined with the afterburning set of his protege no one felt short-changed. Locodice, a native of Dusseldorf, has forged his own style which takes his mentor’s technical expertise and uses it to dive deeply into fathomless exquisite and inspired twisted house. The next guy was eagerly anticipated but his set had a few too many tech-edges for the Ibiza-Voice crew, who would have preferred more of a continuation in vibe. Nobody is perfect however, and sometimes we’re just plain wrong, but this was a great way to start 2004.[center][/center]Dj Sahara aka Grahah (left) is a 27-year-old dj from Birmingham, England. Resident in Pacha's Funky Room, hw was at his place of employment till about 8am on January 1 before making his way down to DC10, where he stayed till 6 or 7. He describes his New Year's celebrations as "good actually".

Dc10 resident Andrew Grant (left)
[/center]Mucho gracias a Fred, Nacho, Danny Whittle, Roberto, Ernesto, Salvatore, Johnny, Graham, Jim, Juan, Des, Allister, Irene, Antony, Richard from Colliseum Catering in NY (enjoy the rest of your holiday!), Charlie Chester, Andrew Grant, Jenny, Zgy, Andreas from DC10 and all those others who provided company, guestlist places and drinks tickets.

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