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Go BackSUGARBABE – Circo Loco’s terrace resident Jo Mills gives tips for success, swan diving, and why you should watch out for the English

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Music at Dc10 has a lot of grunt. The adolescent dayclub next to the airport has built a reputation on maintaining incredibly intense levels of sonic energy without sending its patrons home with their ears bleeding.

DC10, January 1, 2004[/center]For those for whom the climax of their evening is simply to lose all control, this is the perfect environment. But there’s another side to the groove, most notably provided by English rose resident Jo Mills who has a continually flowering desire to bring highly emotional tech-tunes to the masses. The only UK lady in a den of ruff Italians, and therefore hardcore, Ms Mills can also add “excellent scribe” to her list of accomplishments. She demonstrates thus.

(Btw, this interview was intercepted before the recent DC10 New Year’s shindiggity).[center]
Jo @ Back 2 Basics, 08.11.03[/center]
How has your day been today?
Great, as mad as it may sound i am really pleased to be back home in England! i have spent most of the week updating my website with mixes etc, it’s looking pretty good actually! (

What did you do in the weekend?
I have been so busy recently (plus i had my folks up for a visit) that i just did the one gig at the weekend, i played at a really cool party in Birmingham with fellow Organised Kaos dj James Fierce.

What has your schedule been like recently? Where ya been? How was it?
I have played some great London gigs recently, first was in Whitechapel at a night called "It Would Be Rude Not Too". They have really good resident djs that know how to warm up properly!, Then Medicine which i play at regularly is always a winner, and an excellent new night called Playground at 333 club on Old Street.
It was so busy that it was one in one out all night! Putting to shame the ‘London’s lost it’ rumours always's better than ever .... actually the UK has been alot stronger club wise with so many cool underground nights popping up.
Of course Back to Basics was as amazing as ever, i played a few weeks ago with fellow Circo Loco resident Fabrizio, i have also been back to my residency La Demence at Fuse in Brussels as well as Paris and Brazil after returning from Ibiza.[center]
NY's Day again[/center]Does anything compare to DC10? What is it about that club that makes it so crazy?
No it’s impossible to compare Circo Loco at Dc10 to anything, mainly because of the excellent terrace that works so well in Ibiza, and the D10ers that travel far and wide to share the mad experience! Also a strict music policy gives it that edge we love....

Do you think the atmosphere has changed now they charge people to get in? If so, in what way?
Not at all people expected it really, the guys have made some great improvements this year. The first being the sound system throughout, which blows your head off! For a club to move forward this is necessary.

Is it one big happy family up there behind the decks, or can it get a bit volatile with all those rowdy Italians?
No i love the Italian crowd we have, we are one big family. As crap as it sounds its very true! It’s us English you have to watch![center]
Mr Chester (left), 01.01.04[/center]Were you surprised when people started stage diving? Have you had a go? What's the feeling like? How did Charlie Chester [Circo Loco co-promoter and Jo’s friendly yet bulky partner] find it?
Well Charlie was the founder of the Circo Loco stage dive ! It was on his birthday last year (2002) when he was up on the front of the decks (with an Elvis hair piece and shades on) with the Ibiza Hellvis, when the crowd egged him on to he did! Surprisingly they caught him no problem...! Unfortunately Hellvis first fell off the front of the decks before diving, Then got up again fell backwards landing on me and my friend cutting his finger open! It didn’t stop us though - i did it last year three times! By the third i had perfected a proper swan dive!

The booth looks huge, how does it compare to other ones you've encountered? Is it a good space to work in?
Yeah its alot bigger but it needs to be to accommodate all the record boxes and people! Its a good space to work in cause you are right there with the crowd all around and not too high up. You can't get away with being too clattered though as its daylight!

Do you use CDs? Do most clubs have CD decks set up?
Yes but I prefer vinyl. However i am really looking forward to the Technics cd turntable which is due out early next year, Steve Lawler had a prototype and highly recommends it.

Are you into the technical aspects of sound, or are you more into the music?
I am really into the music, of course you need the technical side of things but a crap record is a crap record no matter how trickily you bring it in!

How hard is djing really? What made you get into it?
It takes practice and an ear for music, i learnt from my good friend, and at the time work colleague, Dj Mark Wilkinson when i was at Flying Records in London around 1992. He kindly and patiently stayed after work to teach me! My main aim was to be able to put two record together not to become a dj, but i got offered a gig then a residency at Club UK in London and it went from there!

What's the new music coming out now like?
I have heard such well produced music recently, mainly coming out of the UK not being biased or anything ! Really great house music that gets you moving ... its got to be good to stomp to.

How are your own productions going?
I am in the studio next week with Peace Division to record a track with them for their next album, which is really exciting for me. It’s something that me and Clive have spoken about for some time. Also i have a track coming out on JUNIOR, i produced it with Steve Mac ex-Rhythm Masters, we have called ourselves THE SHADY MISFITS and the track is called HOUSE ARREST. i have already given it a test run at Circo Loco in the summer and it went down a treat! Also i will be working with Steve Lawler in December and my 4tune500 partner in January to record the follow up to Dancing in the Dark.

Do you just listen to house, or do you like other stuff too? Would you ever drop an r&b or rock tune into your set?
I am a soul girl at heart, Marvin Gaye is my hero as well as Stevie Wonder, Barry White and Whitney Houston! I like a lot of other main stream artists too like Mary J. Blige and Sugarbabes, allsorts really. I never listen to house music in my car unless its for work reasons. I am thinking of playing a few disco numbers New Year’s Day actually.

What djs have you been enjoying recently? Who has really impressed you?
As i have said earlier i enjoyed listening to Mark Sun and Dj Aneil from ”It Would Be Rude Not To” in London. Dj Aneil played a great warm up set, a set which is sometimes overlooked where as it is in fact the most important set of the night. i spent alot of my career being a warm up dj so i am very aware of what’s played early on. Again the residents at Playground Alex Marks and Cedric Maison are very good, that’s probably one of the reasons their nights are so successful, like Circo Loco!

Do you ever sick of going out and all the relentless carnage?
Yes! That’s why i have enjoyed being in Shropshire in the countryside so much, of course it won't be long before i feel the pull of Ibiza.... But with my gig at the Empire in Middlesbrough on Boxing Day "Ibiza Vs Chicago" Sound Clash with Derrick Carter looming so i best make the most of it!

Will you be joining the anti-Bush protests in the UK?
No i didn’t.

What are you doing for NYE?
On Dec 28th i will be flying to Madrid to play Honey at Space and then of course Circo Loco new years day with the troops!

Any advice for any aspiring young djs out there?
Send warm up sets to clubs and promoters not main sets! You need to start from the beginning really, also don't expect too much money and if you get a gig make sure you get all your pals to come!

Words by Michael Nasal