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What do old skool poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge and clubbing tourists to Ibiza have in common? They both understand the meaning of the deathless quote ‘water water everywhere, and not a drop to drink”.

Sammy T does of course because he wrote that immortal line 200 years ago, but his words are just as relevant today. Just ask any sweaty clubber who has danced for eight hours straight and suddenly realised they’ve spent their week’s entertainment budget in one 24-hour period. Much as we love the island’s major venues, we have to say bottled water is outrageously expensive.
However help may be at hand for the perspiring raver with shallow pockets, according to our good friends at Ibiza Spotlight
Due to improvements in the system of desalination plants on the island, clean drinkable water should be pumping through the island’s taps any day now. This is great news for the clubs in Ibiza whose reputation in the past has suffered due to high prices for this most basic of health requirements.

Now all we need is free beer.[center]
Samuel Taylor Coleridge, into opium[/center]

Words by Michael Stuart