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Go BackHOUSE DJS REQUIRED FOR VERTIGO @ THE CROSS, LONDON - Good manners and excellent mixing skills essential

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Getting trashed is a really important component of clubbing all across Europe. But you don't have to look like it too. Italians could teach the English a thing about going hard without winding up face down on the floor, and that's exactly what Manuela D’Alonzo and Rosario Cascio are doing. They are the elegant Italian representatives of the legendary London party Vertigo, which has fascinated the capital’s clubbing cognoscenti for the last five years. The glamorous, gay and mixed party held monthly at The Cross sets out on a Sunday night and winds up early Monday morning, with a blend of deep and funky house music to carry you through. Initially a predominantly Italian affair, the last couple of years have seen the brand penetrate deeper through to a wider range of house music lovers who simply like to dress up to get down.

Showcasing the underground sound coming out of Italy with their resident djs (David Piccioni, Micky Guy, Claudio Basile and Oscar Wilson.) and introducing high calibre international guests like Louie Vega, Hector Romero, Satoshi Tomiie and Tedd Patterson, the sexy atmosphere is renown for its energetic edge. That edge is well captured on ‘Vertigo: The Album,’ a mixed CD they’ve released, and was even more evident at their recent 5th Birthday party, held on the 9th November 2003 at The Cross

A bit light headed ourselves we wanted to discover more about the highs and lows of this Italian funk phenomenon; so we contacted the vivacious Vertigo hosts London inhabitants Manuela D’Alonzo and Rosario Cascio to discover more…

Hello guys, how are you doing?
Rosario: “I'm cool!”
Manuela: “Fine thanks!”

So how did a couple of Italians wind up running a Sunday night in London?
Rosario: “I was working in the fashion industry and Manu was already involved in club land. Manu was everywhere it seemed, so we became very close friends and then one morning we came up with the idea to start with our own parties and the rest is history.”
Manuela: “When we started back in 1998 London was missing something; quality and stylish house music!”

Tell us a little about one another, Manuela on Rosario and vice versa?
Rosario: I like Manu because she has always been one of the best PR people in London and she knows most of the people in this industry... In order to promote a club or DJs, this is an essential component."
Manuela: “Rosario is very good at organising and keeping everything under control! He is my 'balancing' partner!'”

How did Vertigo evolve into the party monster it now is?
Rosario: “Since the very first party, our idea was to have nice venues, top DJs and glamorous people, plus a good working network of PR people, involved in many environments. But we always make the Vertigo sound without any compromise, and of course with a lot of hard work.”
Manuela: “We always had, and we still have a big passion for organising a night where people make an effort and love dancing. Our music policy has always been very strict, only the best DJs play! People appreciate that...”

What are the major Vertigo party elements involved in your event, and why do you think it’s so popular?
Rosario: “I believe everything is important, from the girls on the door running the guest list, to the lighting effects. To the exclusive DJs playing at Vertigo, to the smooth running of the party and of course to the most important aspect of all - the special Vertigo crowd."
Manuela: “Good music, as it is very difficult to hear it in London together with the beautiful people!”

What’s your Vertigo music policy based on, and how did you select your resident DJ’s?
Rosario: “The residents came first. We started out with our Italian DJs, but now we provide more international names… We just always play the purest House Music."
Manuela: “As above really regarding our music policy… Our residents? Well we pick them very carefully, the choices we make are based on their sound, good manners and their method of making the people dance and enjoy themselves.”

Do you ever have trouble filling The Cross, with your party being on a Sunday night / Monday morning?
Rosario: “Yes, sometimes it happens because The Cross is a big venue, but there’s always a great party atmosphere.”
Manuela: “Yes... sometimes!”

Vertigo celebrated its 5th year at The Cross in November 2003, how was the auspicious occasion for you?
Rosario: “We never say never, and aim to improve all the time..."
Manuela: “Vertigo was fantastic as usual, lots of beautiful girls, the best music ever and a great celebratory atmosphere!“

Do the Italians do the house party ‘better?’
Rosario: “Yes, but with the British twist."
Manuela: “Italians always do it better!”

Do you think Londoner’s are maybe cold blooded?
Rosario: “No not really, after a couple of pints I can see them enjoying themselves just as much the Italians next to them."
Manuela: “No, it’s just a different style!”

Do you arrange or promote any other parties or events?
Rosario: “Yes, we do Rockcity at Pacha, London. Plus we are continuing with our very successful Vertigo Tours worldwide.”
Manuela: “Yes we do. We organize Rockcity - Come and check it out.”

What’s was the best Vertigo party of 2003, in your opinion and why?
Rosario: “The Azuli party back in April 2003 with Hector Romero.”
Manuela: “There's been so many of them... And we’ve enjoyed them all, what can we say…What makes a Vertigo night special is the large amount of girls in the club, (most of the time) which usually exceeds the amount of boys. Beautiful and stylish clothes are worn and the passion that our DJs (residents and guests) show here is amazing.”

You released a Vertigo mix CD recently, any plans for more music projects like this?
Rosario: “Yes. Watch out on our website for more news."
Manuela: “Very soon we will continue our sessions of Italian stallion DJs!”

How do you foresee the Vertigo brand progressing?
Rosario: “Vertigo is growing, new talents are coming through soon, and so there’s going to be more Vertigo entertainment as well."
Manuela: “Vertigo is going through some changes and will have a slightly new face this year - Watch out!”

Any plans for 2004?
Rosario: “More time for myself."
Manuela: “To make what we already have better and cooler. Plus there are a few new things coming up, to be revealed later on.”

Any final Vertigo message for readers of this interview?
Rosario: “Have fun, there is only one life."
Manuela: “Keep on dancing, but only to the best sounds!”

Many thanks to Manuela D’Alonzo & Rosario Cascio for this interview!
The Cross, London is at The Arches. 27-31 Kings Cross, Goods Yard, Off York Way. N1.
Advance tickets for the London Vertigo party are available from - +44 0 8700 600 100.

Words by Lisa Loco