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Go BackWE KNOW WHAT LOCO DICE DID LAST SUMMER – Even if the Circo Loco resident himself is a bit hazy

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If success is a virus, then young Euro-zone dj Loco Dice has been thoroughly exposed. His early gigs included support slots for Usher, Jamiroquai, Snoop Dog and resurgent kiddie-fiddler R. Kelly.

Similarly the gnawing search to satisfy base appetites led the Tunisian-born Mr Dice across the Med to DC10 in Ibiza, via Deutschland and a conversion to house music. Now his mentors include the Teutonic tower of tuffness that is Timo Maas, topping the bill at LD’s recent DC10 New Year’s Day gig. There’s also a photo of our rising star with Armand Van Helden on Apart from a liking of designer facial hair, the two share also divided loyalties between house and hip hop.

For the purposes of this article, the former genre is defined as “boomp boomp boomp all night long + tonnes of drugs” and the latter “baggy clothes + latently aggressive MCs + crunchy beats”. (If you're interested in the issue of intersection then click here for an excellent State of the 2001 Scene address by Simon Reynolds on It's plain to hear that throughout preceding decades there has been much back biting and beat biting but when it comes to the MTV beat down typically it’s dance on the receiving end.
The most prominent bully is Emimem, who from numerous accounts threw himself into a years-long E binge and still managed to become a mega-star over multiple media platforms, much like King of Prescription Drugs, Elvis Presley was. However despite the blonde enfant bastarde’s obvious affinity with the rave sensation, he dealt the industry a body blow when he famously rapped “Nobody listens to techno” in his 2002 hit “Without Me”, while a life-sized Moby doll was thrown around by enormous individual in his entourage. So even tho on this side of the Atlantic there’s less ghettos and unrequited jungle fever, Mr Dice does not recommend you “let yourself go” at a hip hop party.[center]
Dishonour roll: Clockwise from top: Dice'n'Antonio, Dice'n'Clive Henry'n'Tania Vulkano, Dice'n'some other guys, Dice'n'some other guy, Dice'n'Armand Van Helden[/center]Wie gehts? How has your day been today?
The Sun is Shining and I feel good.

Where are you? What are you doing there? What are you doing tonight? What are you doing tomorrow?
Me and Martin are in the Studio right now doin´ some Dope phatt Tracks. we gonna be for the next 2 weeks here in the Studio.

What were you doing at this time last year?
I don´t even know what I did last summer?!?!

Are you living out of a suitcase or do you have a proper home to go to?
Thank god I've got a proper home where I can organize my chaos a bit.
But the suitcase is my life.

How did a kid from Tunisia end up a resident in a mental club in Spain run by Italians?
Strange Hä!! never thought about this... Maybe it´s the soccer. I´m huge Italy Fan since I´m a kid.

What's Circo Loco at DC10 like compared to Tribehouse in Neuss? Where the hell is Neuss anyway?
Like all the best clubs in the world: Good Music, Peeps, Venue, crowd, Owners everything. I love Tribehouse. Neuss is a small city next to Düsseldorf, Tribehouse is right at the border.

When did you realise you didn’t want to play hip hop anymore? What happened?
I always need something new...In the time when I was playin hip hop there was no big difference between all the songs. The crowd was not really open for new good hip hop tunes a la Timbaland...
That time was really boring, always the same records. So I start 2 do house at home.

Do you still play hip hop now? Did you play house back then? What’s similar about house and hip hop crowds? What’s different? Which scene has the best looking people? Who has better clothes?
I still play hip hop at home. Damn I'm still hip hop !!! look now in this time there is no big diss from the other to say in the house scene ‘I love Hip hop’. the same in the hip hop scene. It´s becoming really close ...The Neptunes using Techno sounds in “Ass On Fire” and Aaliyah (R.I.P) & Timbaland put a phatt bass in “Try Again”. The only difference is the way of thinkin in both scenes. Man don´t ever try to let ya self go in a hip hop Party. it can be dangerous! The funny thing is I see more and more peeps in the house rooms who look like hip hop R´N´B headz.

Apart from you, Timo, and Ricardo Villalobos, who else should we look for coming out of Germany?
Sven Väth, Tobi Neumann, DJ Sebbo, Andry Nalin, Steve Bug, Hell, Terry Lee Brown jr & many more. we got a lot of good DJs.

Are you influenced by these guys?
Timo no Doubt !! way back in time People like Sebbo and Andry Nalin gave me a lot (we´re talkin about German DJs here).

When you dj, what kind of reaction do you like to see from your crowd?
Move ya ass!!!

When did you first go to Ibiza? Why?
’98. cuz I wanted to party...

What clubs are cool in Ibiza? What clubs are utter shit?
All Clubs are good. my favourite after DC10 is Amnesia, Space, Pacha and Underground. San An Clubs are not really my thing.

Do you hang around in clubs on your nights off? Do you have any nights off?
Of course I have Nights off. I spend them most of the time with my homiez .. Playstation nights etc...

What’s the longest you’ve gone without sleeping? Did it hurt?
3 days or was it 4 but it didn´t hurt Ha Ha...

What were all the clubs on the Playstation tour like? (Crobar Miami thru Avalon NY)
I like them all, The House of Blues venue was not really my thing tho..

What’s Timo Maas like to tour with? Is he a drinker or a smoker?
This dude is so chilled, Four Twenty of course!!! he loves wine and weed and good food. I´m more hyperactive style - I wanna do this wanna go there ufffff!! I´m really a pain in his ass. But the Ying and Yang works, he helps me to come down a bit, big daddy style.

What Four Twenty Recordings about?
Un grande familia.

Prince once said that his favourite musical instrument is the studio – is that how you look at it?
Prince is right but he forgot the dj equipment.

What did you think of DC10 on New Year’s Day? Is DC10 gonna kick Space’s arse in 2004 or what?
New Years Eve was dope !!! DC 10 is different to Space these clubs never fight.

I heard Circo Loco might be doing a party here in April – is that correct?
The whole summer I know one or two hours before when my set time is and now u askin me this... Nobody know what´s in Andreas’s head.

What do you want to have achieved by the time you’re 30?
Survive !!

What happened with the guest book? Why did you close it?
I had no time to write the people back...also im not a big fan of Guestbook posing (U hot U not) Timo got a nice Forum where he got a Locodice section it´s a place where people share mix cd´s or different stuff some of the people there know more about me when I became N#1 in the US Balance Charts the peeps in the forum knew it 2 H before I get the mail from Four Twenty. check it out at

If you have any shout outs for your crew, now is the time.
Don´t u know I´m Loco?


Words by ratatatat go the guns