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Go BackRIO PARADE MAY 30 - Adrian Halter on what he's gonna do with half a million of us.

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Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger is a crap aphorism. However it is true that adversity can make you grow faster. Take the 2003 Rio Parade for example, which in one year has shot up like teenager on an effective dose of steroids.

Issues of both a legal and quasi-legal nature, one of which resulted in a five month postponement, had to be overcome before the newly inaugurated occasion could be crowned last year's biggest and best South American electronic event on wheels, on June 8.
In 2004 it cannot fail to be huger, happier and hornier, given the backing of some of the globe's most experienced brands, including Pacha, Dancestar, Ministry of Sound, Dj Mag, Space, Amnesia, Planet Groove NYC, Movement London to name a few. Our certainty is allied to our commitment. We’re in deep with these guys, so deep in fact we’ve got a hotline to the organiser. Simultaneously a startlingly good dj, A.J. Crypt has let it ripple in the Space discoteca, Tresor in Berlin, and Innercity in Amsterdam among others yet still finds time to be with his kid on New Year’s Day and respond to our nagging emails. He should be half dead already, but is plainly blessed with the energy reserves of a hydroelectric dam.

Where are you? How do you feel? How do you feel now compared to the same time last year?
Everything cool thanks. No, warm, even hot in the Brazilian summer. I’m also tired, at lot of work, no time to hang out on the beach. But compared to last year I’m in heaven. I was in hell that time, our event planed at the Copacabana was cancelled one month before, because of a decree of the mayor. 200 djs were booked and hundreds of expectant partytourist were on the plane.

What did you do for NYE?
I was the "daddy" at home. I was lucky to have enjoyed that day with my sweet daughter. I partied one day before, as I was playing at one of the most extravagant parties I ever saw, and I’ve seen a lot ;-). It was a GLS Party for about 4000 people in a wonderful building with terrace and overview to the downtown. I love to play for this open minded crowd. The organizer, Fabio Monteiro, a very special friend of mine, is doing a great job since 10 years in Rio de Janeiro. Look how special his "X-Demente" Party was.

What have you been doing since we saw you last?
A lot. I was touring in Europe USA and South America and was not unlucky that the Asia tour was postponed to next March. So I had more time to work for the Rio Parade and in the studio.

How is the Rio Parade tour going? Where have you been?
I was with 2 DJs from Rio de Janeiro (DJ Cuti and DJ Lypo) in clubs like "Tresor-Berlin", "Club NV-New York City", "Supermarket-Zurich" or even at big events like "Innercity-Amsterdam" or "Evolution 14-Switzerland". We also had floats on different partner-Parades like Heineken FFWD Parade (Rotterdam) and the Parada da Paz in Sao Paulo. In February we have some gigs in South America and in March we go to Asia...Again.

How important is hype to promoting the Rio Parade?
Hype is nice, but to set up one is quite complex. We try to do it, but it's a long term strategy on different sceneries. Promoting in the right channels is important. Rio Parade is an international Parade, so you need international promoting. That's what I'm doing with the tour. A healthy mix between aggressive promo and nothing ;-).

Do you take the Magic Dancers with you everywhere you go?
No, this is impossible. Only at to the right time at the right place. We are forming now a new Brazilian dance group for the next world tour and some video-clips. They will be a lot of Brazilian elements in the show like Capoeira, Samba-costumes and of course, a lot of tribals and Brazilian fire...

Is the techno still booming in Brazil?
At the moment the whole world is on the hip-hop-hype, isn’t it? In Brazil it’s the same right now, hiphop is trendy. But techno is really up & coming. There is a lot of capability in big towns, and Brazil has lot of big towns. We are now dealing with several Brazilian cities to organise Parade, it seems the Rio Parade is only the beginning...

Why did you choose May 30 as the date for the Rio Parade? Are you worried about the competition (homelands, Space opening on the same day)?
I’m not lucky but also not worried about it. We expect more than a half million crowd at the parade, mixed with tourist and locals. We are seting up a strong promo to bring as maximum tourists as possible, we dealed with hotels, in Rio, and airlines to offer a very attractive travel pack, imagine you can come one week {including flight & front beach hotel} from any big city of Europe, USA & Asia, for 900€ !!! there is a lot of advantage to come at this time of the year...

Aren’t you afraid of last minute cancellation due to this singular way of dealing in SA?
Absolutely not, with the success of last year, the quality of the productions, the respect of our engagement & most than anything the enthusiast of the public, we become a member of the City Hall Rio tourist association, which means The Rio Parade is part of the regular official program, like Rio Carnival if you need and example, a good one no?;-).

Who's coming?
30 Lovemobiles and 120 DJs.

Can you already reveal the brands involved in this 2004 edition?
You know the game, I have to respect a press schedule or my PR is going to kill me, what I can tell you now is that Amnesia, Pacha, Space, Troya Asesina will have their own Love Mobile, you´ll have to wait till end March for full roster...

Do you think the president of Brazil will turn up?
Let’s see, last year he sent a telegram... ;-) was pre-elections. This year we have the major elections in Rio de Janeiro. Maybe the mayor will join the Parade... Would love to see him dance on a Lovemobile ;-).

During the event, how many people were working in order to ensure the parade was a success?
There were thousands of persons involved in it. The security were made by more than a thousand military police officers, four hundred municipal guards and six hundred private security employees. There were doctors and nurses on medical stands. Media professionals everywhere and a catering for 800 VIPs, 30 selling points and 15 Lovemobiles. Also people involved in the production and organization of RioParade, almost 120 DJs, the truck (float) teams, and a lot of tourism involved peoples. Lots of bus lines and the subway (opening exclusively for the Rio Parade) were working that Sunday. The technicians from the city council transport department took care of closing the streets near the parade and instructed the drivers how to move through the city centre. Not forgetting the army of street-sweepers, to clean the garbage that 200,000 people leave on the streets, hundreds of street-selling ambulants, firemen and taxi drivers. I estimate that more than 3,500 individuals worked on the day of the event to ensure its success.

How does it feel when you look out of a six figure sea of people and realise that you were one of the main reasons they're all there?
At this moment I was just very happy to have the opportunity to make people dancing and smiling, that was all I felt. And I was of course very pleased that we have a wonderful and peaceful Parade with no major problem.

Adrian Halter, are you a good man?
I try to be nice to everybody, regardless to colour, money or age. I respect people who respect me. But for sure I have also my quirks like everybody, not more or less. [center][/center]

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