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Go BackSHOULD THE DJ BE TRUSTED? – TTDJ & Cosmack Management (of Cox, Diggers etc) take a tumble, but the flow goes on

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Dance music’s dominant position on the European club and festival circuits has not been enough to stop the slide into administration of record company and compact disc distribution portal With it goes industry big fish Cosmack Management.

On the latter's roster were Carl Cox and John Digweed, two of the biggest djs of all time. They have combined their ability to break records in clubs globally with careers as producers. Booking buddy the Dutchman Michael de Hey is similarly successful both in his native land and elsewhere. Goldie might not be the musical force he was in the 90s, but his name on a flyer can fill clubs from Brighton to Sao Paulo. Cosmack also had Jeremy Healy, C.J. McIntosh and Kevin Saunderson, and recently opened an office in the United States.

Parent company had a less distinguished career. At one point it got buried in the worldwide dotcom implosion, subsequently relaunching itself as an online shop (flogging CDs and t-shirts) and “official” web presence for over 50 of the toppest of jocks, including Smokin’ Jo, Angel Moraes, Alfredo, Pete Tong, Brandon Block, and Rob da Bank.

However when contacted via email last week, Trustthedjs’s Lynn Cosgrave insisted that all the upcoming commitments of both John Digweed and Carl Cox will be met. The ex-vice pres of Sony’s dance music division, (click here for a 16.09.03 interview with Lynn on this site) continues: “It is sad for me, but we have to move forward.”[center]
Lynn (background), Carl to the fore @ Space 26.08.03[/center]
What happened? Will trustthedj continue?
Lynn: "TTDJ was started in the dotcom boom, and when it burst it transferred itself into a record company. The bringing together of companies and the sharing of overheads should have been better, but in this case it did not work.
TTDJ will be sold, I am sure in some form to another place and we are trying to get back the rights to the name Cosmack and I am looking forward personally to just concentrating on management, which is what I do best.

Will Cosmack Management?
Currently under the new name unfortunately not, however Safehouse is trying to get the name back as the shares in the company were owned by Lalazar, a company that owned TTDJ. This is a complicated procedure, but we are trying.

Will Carl Cox still be playing the rest of his upcoming dates, and what about those of the other Cosmack djs?
Yes – definitely. Carl’s shows, or John Digweed’s, will not change at all.

Will Carl Cox do a residency at Space this summer?
Yes. We are looking forward to Tuesdays at Space, and we hope to build on the amazing success of last year.

How do you feel? What are you going to do now?
I am sad about, but also relieved in another way. Sad because I tried to help the dance community with TTDJ and we gave a lot of chances to djs that probably could not have put out CDs. But relieved, as my love is management, and now I have the chance to concentrate on it full time with my boys.

What impact do you think this will have on the industry?
For dance, probably not a good one, as it is not in a great state right now. However the world moves in cycles, and as long as the boys keep doing their shows we can keep supporting the scene. So as long as I can still support my guys, dance is not going to go away.

Nobody can doubt the commitment and growth that Lynn and her team have brought to the dance community. We still trust the djs and wish long life to the new company "SafeHouse Management" which will represent some of the industry’s finest artists including Carl Cox, John Digweed, Cristian Varela, Michel de Hey, Kevin Saunderson, Mistress Barbara and Phil Thompson.

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