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Turin’s seething creative underground has produced more than faked shrouds and steak. The by all accounts excellent cuisine of the region has been described as sincere, tasty and strong, adjectives that could also apply to the local hero, Lorenzo LSP.

Just another day at the office for Lorenzo LSP (right)[/center]His club bio is long and impressive, and his talent for tunes has also gravitated naturally to the airwaves. Radio Station 1, Radio Company and Weekend Dance on National Radio 2 have benefitted from collaboration with the full time jock. In a cultural milieu as obsessed with fashion as Italy’s is, his gig as musical director for top designer Neil Barrett>'s catwalk shows must confer at least some social status. He’s also done Vertigo in London, DC10 and Angels of Love right here in ‘Beefa, World Gay Pride Event 2000 in Rome and Dance Valley 2002 in Amsterdam.

Lorenzo's not down with his Prime Minister’s drugs legislation, his mate Ralf’s the most interesting dj he’s heard recently, and he describes himself as “bass driven”.

How's it going? How has your day been so far?
it's going well even if December it's insane. too many cars on the streets, too many people around......anyway.

Where are you now? Are you busy at the moment? What are you doing?
I'm talking with Marco about next projects in town and trying to answer u back in my best english as possible.

What did you do last weekend? What are the big nights to go out in Turin? What about the rest of Italy? What's hot? What's not?
I've worked in Padova on friday in a strange leather gay club turned straight 4 the one-night, Saturday in COCORICO' in Riccione where I'm monthly resident and Sunday in Bologna at DOCH SHOW - a gorgeous place. I'm not staying much time in Torino but our parties and what EXPLOSIVA guys do are interesting. In the rest of Italy are too many to mention, even if Euro crisis and government way of thinking are givin' clubs a harder time.

What kind of music do you play? What dj blew you away recently?
I'm 38 years old so I'm playing music with many different influences but always strongly bass-driven and with loads of electronic sounds. I'm playing often with Ralf and he's always interesting.

What are the djs like in Italy compared to the rest of Europe?
Really good of course! A little bit too lazy about being promoted outside of Italy.

What is the club scene like compared to the rest of Europe?
Very lively & ‘edonistic. Sometimes the owners think too much to do clubs like we're living in the seventies instead of doing clubs like Fabric or Space where the sound system blow u away.

What do you think of Silvio Berlusconi? What do you think of the recently passed drugs legislation? Do you know of any clubbers who have had their passports taken from them? (Click here for background info from www.
Nothin' good. I don't agree with the drugs legislation either. No friends have got in trouble yet.

What do you think about Ibiza?
Absolutely involving! I've played twice DC10 on Italian Thursday night in June and July 2003. The parties were not too crowded but lots of fun.

Will you be here this year?
2004? Who knows...

What are you doing for New Year's Eve?
Hard work! Starting in Milano at Hollywood 4 pervert, then Kinky in Bologna and Cocorico/Echoes after hours in Riccione. The 1st in Bologna again 4 Doch Show big party...then rest!

Are you a party animal or do you prefer to chill with your bitches?

Have you got any photos of you we could use to illustrate the story? You in Ibiza would be great, you in Ibiza with your bitches even better.
Photos in Ibiza could be good 4, but not to show your mum and friends how much fun you have! I'm joking...have a nice Christmas and global peace 4 2004. bye.

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