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Go BackTIESTO IN BRASIL - The all-conquering Dutchman as seen through the eyes of a tripped-out countryman

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Imagine a slice of Ibiza, a few acid ice-cubes from Amsterdam and some juicy fruits from the Amazon mixed in a party-blender. What´s the result of this mixture? A wicked cocktail of vibes. Even the Redentor (Cristo statue above Rio de Janeiro) played his whistle during Tiesto’s stay in Brasil.

Tiesto arrived on the 12th of February a virgin to Brasil. Straight from the airport he ran into interviews from all kind of Brasilian media. Later that weekend one of the reporters of TV globo announced Tiesto at the late news the following way. ‘You might not know him but your kids do’. The ‘musica eletronica’ scene is growing day by day and you really feel the vibe during the parties.
Thank god the Brasilians aren’t yet infected with that ‘been there, done that’ mentality which unfortunally a lot of clubbers in Europe have. Especially Sao Paolo where the scene has been going for ages, in Rio de Janeiro the scene is quiet, more underground.
Despite attempted suppression by the authorities, events are held all over Brasil. Thursday night we witnessed the Heineken Found @ Thirst finals.

The venue ‘The Cube’ was the battle area between Dj Ferris (progressive House/Trance) and Dj Naccarati (progressive House/Tribal). Both played a great set but Dj Ferris won. Tiesto spuned a few records back to back with the winner and the vodka did his job for me and Dj A.J.Crypt(RIOPARADE president) during the night.

Friday the 13th started with the rumor that Policia Federal planned to shut down the party at the great venue Armazen 6 (an old harbour venue which reminds of the old warehouses in Amsterdam) during Tiesto’s gig. Luckily they didn’t show up in the end and Tiesto played that night a great really hard progressive set.
Speaking that night with Dj Roger Lyrafrom Radio Jovepan, he mention the track ‘Traffic’ to be the most requested track the last couple of mounts on his radio show. The roof of the old venue almost fell down during Traffic.
For days the gig was sold out and still many people tried to get tickets at the entrance door of Hotel Unique, 5 star hotel near the centre of Sao Paulo. Right from the beginning the crowd went crazy, jumping, tumbling and screaming Tiesto. What a crowd!! Tiesto was really in his ’nopjes’ (Dutch for feeling great). He jumped on the stage did some juggling with records and pleased the crowd with his unique style.

The apotheoses of the night was when he played ‘Silence’. A few girls started to cry during this master piece and I can only guess at why but the Brasilians have a special connection with the music you would find anywhere else.
Tiesto realized that and pumped up the bpms and the volume. After a 3 hour set we were all sweaty and satisfied but it still wasn't time to go home. One of my favourite Brasilian djs MAU MAU started to play. In one word - hammer.
Flying back to Rio the next day with Tiesto ,Dimitri (Primetimemanagement) and Arnie (Blackholerecords) to spent a few days on the great beaches of Rio and taste the really absolute famous seafood at Marius’s restaurant.

Words by Frankster