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Go BackTHE WILD SOUTH – Space World Tour induces maybe even a little too much hysteria in Chile, full report + gallery

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God is punishing our decadent souls. "We’ve had to battle seemingly supernatural forces and recalcitrant technology in our bid to pull off this earthshaking tour of Chile" said SWT´s roady crew. But every dance step has been cheered on by thousands of energised and mesmerised Chilenos.

December 13 at Espacio Riesco in Santiago was the tour opener. We parachuted in two of our deadliest, Jon Ulysses and David Moreno, to juice up the local lovelies - starting with a pre-party in our hotel. Unfortunately it was they who got fucked by a sound system that was not the one promised, and spent 3 hours fighting with rock’n’roll dinosaur sound engineers who didn’t appreciate the sonic requirements of our exacting team. Not that the crowd were that bothered – they went nuts till 9am. Subsequently David Moreno treated everybody who managed to squeeze into a 20 square metre afterhour to a set mixed with a Walkman and a vintage tape machine.

Tania “I fought the law” Vulcano and Jaime Fiorito were much better equipped in Valparaiso on January 24. They took advantage of the improved conditions to blow away the privileged 3,000 at Vina del Mar.

The Pucon date of the SWT was designed to be a more intimate affair. The 1200 capacity outdoor arena takes advantage of this city’s scenic riches, matched by the prosperity of its inhabitants.
Creatively wealthy also is Dj Elio Riso who warmed up the crowd of fanatics both congenital and recently recruited. David Moreno built on his comrade’s sterling service, and brought the night to a hysterical conclusion.

The Valparaiso return leg was always going to be a sought after gig, and the recipient was our from long dates discovered, the Yoshitoshi´s protege (& recently awarded Best Break through Dj at DanceStar Awards) Behrouz. His twisting’n’turning four hour set incorporated electronic elements from techno to deep house, invoking a spiritual communion with his congregation who hung upon every technically perfect beat. The vibrations were tangible. Not forgetting A.J Crypt who superbly warmed up the dancefloor.

Jose de Divina and Mazi were determined to not suffer a repeat of the sonic debacle on leg one of the tour so they began with a two hour sound check. We wanted to be sure this time the sound would be perfect, and it was.
Mazi initiated proceedings with his inspired and jazzy soulful tech house. His concentration and devotion to the cause was obvious – he sweated for two hours and was rewarded with the undivided attention of the audience who will never forget his efforts.
Then came Jose, the tribal master. His set was progressive and deeper than ever and the girls were going nuts just looking at him. The last hour Jose played back to back with Mazi, with the welcome assistance of Miss Electra, a talented Chilean newcomer who contributed three wonderful tracks to create the perfect conclusion to the scheduled entertainment at 7am.
However the party was not over. Not for the courageous who attended the secret afterparty, who for Jose who reportedly went back to his hotel with not one but two ladies. Well, you know the score "Hype, Lies & Gossip"!

"We believe we have done our best and fulfilled our aims. The company of the Chilean crowd and their fantastic enthusiast during these five dates was a pure delight, and we hope to be back in Chile soon." Samuel Guetta, MD of the SWT

Words by The roady crew