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Go BackAMNESIA OPENING PARTY DATES FOR 2004 – PR chief Nacho Capella knows who’s in and who’s binned

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Amnesia had a storming year in 2003. The gigantic barn on the hill outside of Sant Rafel has a glittering club heritage second only in longevity to that of Pacha, although the vibe’s a bit more loose compared to their stately competition.

But they too have the ability to consistently usher through their doors the kind of numbers that would harden the dick or swell the clit of any promoter interested in the fame and fortune that comes with filling a club with thousands of people.

The productions are correspondingly lavish, and the gimmicks guaranteed crowd pleasers (ice cannons! foam machines! giant statues of Jim Morrison!) and one of the gruntiest sound systems on the island. The continuing machinations of club politics mean the following information is not exhaustive, but it's direct from our mate Nacho Capella the Amnesia promotions manager (and much more, as is usual in Ibiza).

Will Manumission move across the road from Privilege? Made In Italy still operating? Will Godskitchen return like some sort of prodigal raver? Will people ever stop ringing Nacho asking for guestlists?

Hi Nacho, how’s it going? Are you busy at the moment? What are you doing?
Fine thanks. I’m really busy ‘cause I’m managing the Amnesia World Tour and the Cocoon Club Spain Tour 2004 (with Johannes Goller). And we are finishing dealing with the parties for Amnesia 2004.

How goes the World Tour, busy? I read you´re hosting your own truck at the Rio Parade on May 30.
We´ve been touring mostly Europe this year and yes we are really excited to have an Amnesia Love Mobile at Rio Parade it will be our first time, La Troya Asesina will share the truck with us, there will be Dj Mar T, Dj Oliver Baby Marcelo, can´t wait as it looks just amazing.

Do you work for Amnesia all year round?
Yes. During the summer (May till October) I’m the Promoters and Public Relations Manager, and during the winter I run Amnesia World Tour.

When did you start working for Amnesia? Why?
I started summer 1998, but I only assisted with the closing parties of that year. I really started working for Amnesia in summer 1999. I was the manager of Delicatessen. It was a party on Friday nights for really nice Spanish people. I got the job because my friend Dj Mar-T helped get me in.

When did you first go to Amnesia? What did you think?
I went to Amnesia for the first time during the summer of 1998. I freak out with everything inside the club – trees and flowers, nice girls, good music etc. But especially because of the nice girls.

Where were you born? Do your old friends ask you for guestlist to get into the club?
I was born in Barcelona. I’m Catalan. I’m still have a good relationship with my old friends. The always come to Ibiza to see us in Amnesia and of course they always want guest list.

What's the best thing about working for Amnesia?
For me the best thing is that I meet a lot of different people every day.U don’t have to find them, the people come to you.

What's the worst thing?
My cell phone never stops ringing + always a lot of stress. Especially at the end of July and all August.

How many other people work for Amnesia?
During the summer we have between 150 and 200 persons working for us.

Who owns it?
Amnesia is owned by Mr MFC.

How long has it been in existence?
Amnesia has been in existence since 1978. Mr MFC has owned Amnesia since 1991.

Is is better now or was it better then?
I can’t tell you how it was before ‘cause I didn’t see it. I can only tell you that the people before were more “extrafalaria” than now.

What happened with Godskitchen? Were you surprised when they took their problems public?
We didn’t have any problems with them. They only got a better money deal to move their party to another club in San Antonio. We were really surprised ‘cause they tried to publish that Amnesia kicked them out and it was not like that. We didn’t do anything. We talked to them and they took off everything from press.

We heard you were negotiating with Godskitchen to have them back at Amnesia on Tuesday night. Is that true?
It is true. We were thinking to bring back Godskitchen to Amnesia and had some cool talks with the managment as they came to Barcelona last week. Finally we did not find the right match, so Godskitchen will not be in Amnesia this year.

We know you have been in contact with Manumission and there is some strong rumors that Manumission was moving to Amnesia on Monday night. What can you tell us?
Yes, we tried to have Manumission in Amnesia in 2004 but they didn’t want to change from Mondays. We offer them the party on Tuesdays but they wanted Mondays. Cocoon Club is on that day and they are very strong. We will see for next summer 2005 I hope as they really are a brand we would like to work with.

Is Amnesia maintain good relationship with other Ibiza super clubs?
Well obviously we compete hard ;-) but at the end of the day we´re all in the
same magical island and have mutual interest...

Who does the programming for the summer?
The Amnesia programming is done by David de Felipe (managing director), Dj Mar-T (Amnesia resident dj) and myself.

What's on?
For this summer 2004 it will be the same as last summer 2003 but without Pocholo on Tuesday (too much for us ;-). For Tuesday night we are still dealing with some promoters.

What are your favourite nights?
My favourite nights are people from Ibiza on Saturdays, and Cocoon club on Mondays.

Do you go to other clubs? What's your favourite? Which ones don't you like?
Yes. I don’t have a favourite club. I like DC10 on Friday nights when Timo Maas plays there. I don’t like Pacha too much. Its music is too house for me.

Did you go to La Diosa last year?

Did you go to Underground last year? What did you think?
Yes. I liked it a lot. It’s a nice bar for a drink.
[right]Ricardo Villalobos & Nacho[/right]
Do you go to Privilege much? What do you think?
No. In the last two years I didn’t go. It’s really too big for me...

Do you get laid a lot because you work at Amnesia (sorry girls I had to ask that)?
Sometimes working in Amnesia is a good strategy, but it’s certainly not the best.

What was the busiest night last year?
La Troya/Foam party with Mar T, Les Schmitz and Oliver. Cocoon with Sven Vath and Laurent Garnier. Cream with Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto and Paul Oakenfold with BBC’s Radio 1 party.

Is the media in Ibiza sympathetic to Amnesia in particular and clubbing in general?
The media are fine with us there is always a bit of polemic around but that´s part of the game:-).

What kind of relationship do Amnesia have with the police?
Really good. We try to be nice with them. To show them we ensure everything is done the right way.

What time are you supposed to close?

Would you like to close later?
Of course. Sometimes it’s impossible to close the club at 0600h, especially the La Troya/Foam parties. Normally at 0600h we have 5,000 persons in the club.

Does closing all the clubs at the same time cause traffic problems?
Yes, especially between Privilege and Amnesia. Sometimes the San Antonio to Ibiza road is pure chaos.

Why did you choose June 12 as the opening date for Amnesia this summer?
Because last year we opened the second week of June and it was really a huge success for us so...

Are you surprised that Space is opening so early, on May 30?
No, they normally open the first week of June. This year the calendar requires that they open earlier.

SATURDAY, JUNE 19 - Amnesia opening

MONDAY, JUNE 21 - Cocoon Club (Djing: Sven Väth and Andre Galluzzi in the cauldron that is the main room, on the terraza Ricardo Villalobos and Tobi Neumann)

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 23 - La Troya opening

THURSDAY, JUNE 24 - Cream (Djing: tbc, but no doubt someone huge and trancey in the sala principal, something full on and funky on the terrace)

SATURDAY, JUNE 26 - People from Ibiza (Djing: Oliver, Pippi, Mar-T, Les)

FRIDAY, JULY 3 - Made in Italy

SUNDAY, JULY 4 - Gorgeous


Jun 28:Monika Kruse (tbc) - Toni Rios, Tobi - MarT
Jul 05:Marco Carola - Paco Osuna, Jef K (link, maybe) - C-Rock
Jul 12:Sven Väth - Richie Hawtin, Ricardo - Luciano
Jul 19:Sven Väth - Alexander Kowalski (live), Tobi Neumann - Dinki special guest
Jul 26:Richie Hawtin - Adam Beyer, Ricardo - Ata
Aug 02:Sven Väth - Laurent Garnier (tbc), Steve Bug - Dorian
Aug 09:Sven Väth - Marco Carola, Toni Rios - Terry Francis
Aug 16:Sven Väth - Miss Kittin - Anthony Rother (live), Michael Meyer - Dorian
Aug 23:Richie Hawtin - Pascal FEOS, Steve Bug - C-Rock
Aug 30:Sven Väth - Dj Hell, MANDY - Arian
Sep 06: Miss Kittin - Funk D'Void , Toni Rios - Terry Francis
Sep 13:Richie Hawtin - Frank Lorber, Ricardo - Magda
Sep 20: Sven Väth - Richie Hawtin - Alter Ego (live), Ricardo - John Aquaviva (tbc)

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