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Go BackNEW CLUB APERTURA IN SAN RAFAEL – Party time in the "Privado" for snooty French Moroccan restaurant El Ayoun

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Hyping the hell out of what amounts to a dusty building site is the Ibiza way. The day we dropped by flash eatery El Ayoun the concrete guts were still all over the floor, but more than likely the "Privado" will look fantastic for the April 7 launch. Well we hope so anyway, ‘cos we’re gonna be there and we’d prefer to see some carpet on the floor rather than the bubble wrap.

The upcoming event is being promoted by louche lady-about-town France. Madame Bourgeois (her real name, seriously) is not your average interviewee, as she demonstrates with her first sentence:

France: How much do I not like to work? I really really really despise it. It’s not working that’s wrong, it’s doing something for money. Working if it’s a pleasure can actually be quite good. But if there’s money involved, it sux. Really, it sux. Money has got nothing wrong. It’s just the process of trying to make money. It’s vulgar. Making money is vulgar.”

Alrighty then. That's possibly the first time anyone's said that on record in Ibiza. France's promotional tactics are as unusual as her contacts are impressive.

“It’s for the fun, but also because once upon a time I started to like this place for the people who came and it actually surprised me. Being highly unconventional, highly inappropriate most of the time I found it pretty cool that I would actually enjoy myself. And so because this guy [Charles, sitting opposite] is a sweet dear friend of mine, not sure there’s any reciprocity here but anyway, I thought it would be nice to help and to enjoy myself in the process. Really, what I’m trying to make here, to see happen, is to gather a mix of people, that would have absolutely no similarity, people who would come from all over but mainly from nowhere. People who have history but no future. People who can understand that starting in El Ayoun, nothing will happen but shit can happen.

What time will the April 7 event start in the new club, Privado El Ayoun?
That’s a good question, now you’re getting professional here. You got me. Let me ask the owner.

Charles: As usual the restaurant will serve you till 1am, around 12.30 or something like that we´ll open the doors of the "Privado El Ayoun" for the first time . We want to create a place for elegant people with mixing, to give something a little more elegant to Ibiza. A comfortable & high design quality place. A select club, we have to be select anyway as it is only 100 capacity...)

The music?
"We will have high quality music, chill out, electro, house with guest dj coming from all around the world. We won´t pay for the djs, they will be our guests all night long with all that comes with ;-). El Ayoun Privado will never pay for a dj. The people to play here it’s a luxury. For fun and not for money. Nobody will pay to get in."

Are you expecting people to dress up?
"Yes, be a little correct. Not so hippie, be a little more dressy. Originality is needed as well."

Why are you teaming up with Pacha, France?
"Basically there’s no teaming up with Pacha. Because there’s no way to team up with Pacha unless you are filthy rich which we are not. But, with Francisco being a good friend I did ask him over dinner if we could mention on the invitation that we all follow to Pacha and he said not only I could but it would be free and I jumped on the idea and here we are. I did not even get asked for sex, nothing at all it was totally free. But Charles can follow up on the sex part."

And with that the quintessential uptown girl retired upstairs to the awfully nice apartment to finish off the €400 bottle of champagne pictured, assisted by her favourite restauranteur. There will indeed be no rest for the wicked this summmer.

If you would like to see what we made of El Ayoun in its previous incarnation click here.

Words by Michele