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Go BackLOVE RULES SO GIVE PEACE A DANCE AT THE 2004 BERLIN LOVEPARADE! - Inspired creator Dr Motte interviewed

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As you should know today the 14th of April the Berlin LoveParade has been canceled
read press release.
Well keep an eye on Ibiza & enjoy Dr Motte interview as it is surely not the last word ;-).

The very first Loveparade took place with the motto ‘Friede Freude Eierkuchen’ (a German term, representing the hope for universal peace and happiness.) The parade also ‘meant to stand up for something instead of (as usual) demonstrating against something…’ So how did this marvellous Loveparade evolve to spread out its imperative message throughout the world?

Dr. Motte is the man behind this cultural, musical and youth phenomenon -a dj, producer, artist, visionary and all round good fella. For Dr. Motte, who was Berlin born in 1960, music is the key to our unification, for as he says himself, “music speaks in thousands of languages, and is understood by all!” And as the Loveparade website itself says, “With terror one does not convince anybody. With egoism and prejudices one does not create a world worth living. The alternative can only be called love and respect.”
Thankfully they have support from the Mayor of Berlin (Klaus Wowereit) who welcomes all the party people saying, “The Loveparade symbolises an image of the new and modern Berlin. The summer rave is a worldwide advertisement of Berlin’s ‘joie de vivre,’ tolerance and diversity…” Indeed the Loveparade now has its own magazine, produces its own dance anthems, and even raises cash for good causes – like last year when they raised money for war victims in Iraq.

Hello Dr. Are you an actual academic or self-accredited ‘love’ Doctor?
Motte: “No, no, no! I’m not a Doctor. The Dr. is part of my artist name given to me by friends back in 1991 while at the legendary Sunday after-hour parties at 90° Club in Berlin, doing some twelve-hour shifts. Everyone kept asking me how I could play such music, and still stay clean the whole time...”

Initiated in 1989, your annual ‘house music demonstration’ or Loveparade, is now in its sixteenth year and is set to take place again on the 10th of July 2004, what’s new this time?
”I called it the ‘acid house’ Loveparade back in 1989… We do not aim to invent something new every year, but instead build upon what we did in previous years. We just love our music and love to meet up in Berlin. I cannot wait to do it all again this year, we have lots of new things to come, we'll tell you soon enough...”

In 2003 your slogan (by the love committee) was ‘Love Rules’ what will it be in 2004?
”Maybe you would like to participate in our search for the new slogan? Do you have any ideas? If so send your slogan to me at (but please, NO SPAM!)”

Dr. would you concur that since the millennium, your Loveparade peace protest seems to be increasingly pertinent in a world of natural disasters and intensifying man-made evils?
”First of all the Loveparade is not a protest march. I would however encourage all of you who are interested in the power of sound and music for healing our planet to attend this. Most importantly, we are music lovers and dancers we're not fighting against anything! The answer to war is not war, but is more likely through personal relationships in the field of sound…”

The Mayor of Berlin (Klaus Wowereit) seems positive about your event saying, ‘The Loveparade has definitely become an image larger than life, but also a business factor for, and in Berlin. That´s reason enough for the Senate of Berlin to guarantee long-term planning…’ Dr. do you think that having official backing is essential to the life and soul of street parades such as this one?
”We made it so when Berlin discovered the power of music! Berlin is spending a great deal of money to support musical businesses coming to the city. Maybe Berlin will be the future music city of Europe like in the 20's? 60% of German music business changeover is already made in Berlin. Politicians should really dance more!”

How do you therefore feel about the US Bush Administration and state of affairs regarding a suppressed club culture, and the negative legislation passed toward club owners and promoters?
”This is nothing new, we know all this. What is gonna happen if we only talk about what they do? Nothing! My wish, not only for George W. Bush, is a profound illumination.”

Still, so-called ‘drug culture’ is often over rated (especially by some media.) Would you agree that this, unfortunately, detracts from the true focus, the unification of people through music and dance?
”Yes. This is the trick of darkness. Do not listen to it, look inside and find out what you really, really want. If you follow this and share it with friends, you can build up your own dreams. Be intelligent and formulate your individual network, this is the time of the electronic system - use it!”

Since 2000, the Loveparades demonstrated in many other countries like the UK, Austria, Israel and South Africa. Plus there was ‘The Mexico City Love Parade’ which just took place on the 27th March – Dr. did you go to South America?
”This year I didn’t go to Mexico, but stayed in Berlin. Why? Because I am in the studio with Rob Acid working hard on the Loveparade here in Berlin, and planning a new internet portal founding a cultural society in Berlin/Motte... But the Loveparade is not me alone, it is made by you - so be it!”

You don’t seem to have updated your own site ( since 2000, but there are some interesting horoscopes on there, are you a firm believer?
”Oh, I am no web master... But please check out my forum at - this part is pretty much updated. I am not a believer - I like to know. Okay, if you can accept a ‘Creator’ of this universe, and you can call this ‘Creator God,’ then isn't the sprit of God everywhere?”

The Loveparade web site is however continuously updated, so when will the details for this year’s event be posted?

How do you feel about the RioParade, (you were an inspiration to this event and attendant in 2003) will you be in Brazil this year on the 30th May?
In 2003 I was in Rio on full power! I’d really like to be out there again - we'll see…”

I must say that I enjoyed the groundbreaking UK Loveparade (2000 in Leeds with Radio One.) Will you be returning to the UK at all, and how about Radio One in Berlin?
Radio One in Berlin is a part of Radio Brandenburg Berlin and not the BBC. In my view they were perhaps not the best UK partners for us; next time we will do it through the clubs, labels, djs and music lovers. Media can promote the idea, but not be the content of it.”

Any other plans for you Dr. or the Loveparade that we should know about?
”I'm planning my own Loveparadeparty 2004... more details are to come soon!”

What do you think about the White Isle, and will you be in Ibiza this year?
”I call it the crazy isle. And this year I’d really like to meet you all there!”

Finally, do you have any message(s) for the readers of
”Live your life; be whole and heartfelt with your true inner self. Look for what makes you happy, and follow the rules of this universe. Love, happiness and light - your friend Dr. Motte.”

So why not give peace a dance, at the 2004 Berlin Loveparade.

Finally we acquired after thoughts from a couple of Motte’s mates and asked them…

What does the Loveparade mean to you?
“For me the Berlin Loveparade is still the year’s highlight of electronic music culture – moreover it is the biggest party in the world! Berlin and the Loveparade are closely connected.” DJ/producer Hell.

What does Dr.Motte mean to you?
”I have the utmost respect for him! He did something unique for the electronic music scene; he organised a parade for 1.5 million people. That’s a party with four times more people than the Woodstock Festival... He's the only music festival organiser that’s gone massive like this, blending some essential positive vibes (of love and peace) into our music scene.

In the 1990s, he was responsible for opening up our dance music style to the mainstream, which brought a lot of more people into our clubs and parties, allowing the electronic scene to become far broader. He also created many more exchanges facilitating the evolution of dance music. A lot of people say that the Loveparade is too commercial now, but they forget that they will reap its rewards too. Motte is also (personally) a very special guy! We had a really good time in Rio together and I just totally respect him!” Adrian Halter, 2004 (a.k.a. AJ Crypt) President of the RioParade.


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Words by Lisa Loco