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Def Mix Breakfast at Sundays at Space 2003...

If you have been to Ibiza you will know that Space is great, but Pacha was great first. Sustained excess is the secret of its success. They ain’t afraid to book big, or even the biggest for that matter, but there are plenty of opportunities for fresh talent. Take hot new signing Webster, and the Def Mix-affiliated SAW record label boss Hector Romero for example. They’re both bringing enthusiasm and attitude to Pacha’s massive Saturday nighter, which taken in conjunction with the Def Mix Breakfast at Sundays at Space looks like 24 hours of high quality hedonism. From their comments they have been treated very well in Ibiza, and understandably are great fans of this place. Well, so would you be if you got treated like royalty as part of your employment package.

US: Saturday night in Ibiza has not traditionally been one of the biggest nights - how did Def Mix make it work so quickly?

HECTOR: It just came naturally. We love what we do and when you put the elements together such as a great looking crowd a beautiful room and some kick ass music great things happen.
Hosting the SAW nights within the Def Mix night has allowed me to play a full spectrum of house music. Weather it is vocal, deep, techy or hard the main thing is you gotta keep it funky! And I realised that club goers understand and appreciate good music. This is why they come to Pacha.

US: Clubs traditionally have a short shelf life - how has Pacha been so good for so long?

HECTOR: There is a vibe in that room that makes people smile. This is why I think only good house music works in this room. I do not think it will have the same ambience if a DJ played trance or hard techno. Pacha is about love & feels good music.

WEBSTER: They have great brand and create a party, they get the best djs, dancers, lights and sets to create the party atmosphere.

US: What do they do right?

WEBSTER: Everything.
HECTOR: Pour good Vodka Lemons!

US: When was the first time you partied at the club? What did you think?

HECTOR: My first time was the summer of 2001. Arriving at the airport I could feel energy unlike any where else I had been. Just seeing Pacha adverts in the airport baggage carousel let me know we were are not in Kansas anymore :). I had heard so much about the club from all my dj friends. I was really nervous my first night cause I knew I was playing the crème de la crème night in all Ibiza, I knew I had to step up to the plate - thank God it went great and from there on it is been non stop.
WEBSTER: June 2002 with Frankie Knuckles and Bobby D Ambrosio my coming out party...

US: How much does it cost to get a table in the VIP area?

WEBSTER: I don’t have to pay for that shit.

US: Are you looking forward to Sunday mornings at Space – what is all this fuss about a terrace?

HECTOR: After a wicked time in Pacha it just makes sense to put on the sunglasses and pull out the deep morning feel good tunes to play on the terrace. The best part about the morning set is how everyone waits around for the music to start. You are the conductor in charge of everyone and to make sure these punters continue their journey for the classic Sunday at Space vibe.

US: What do the Def Mix crew look for in a villa for the summer?

HECTOR: Air conditioning!
WEBSTER: No villa, now we look for security and private rooms.

US: Prediction for 2003?

WEBSTER: It is going to be a blur.[center]

Robin, Hector & Onionz

Hector Romero

Bobby D Ambrosio[/center]

Words by Michael Stuart