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Did we say 200,000 were going to turn up? Try half a million. Eyewitness and Space World Tour manager Sam Guetta was on the Space float - here he talks about the parade and the city which occupies a very special place in his heart, Rio de Janeiro.

Us: How do you feel now Sam? Were you nervous given the earlier cancellation?
Him: I feel amazed. They were supposed to do it in January which is the full season in Rio which is just a month before the Carnival and is the time when all the Europeans go on vacation.
But they had to cancel the date due to some problems - the security could not be guaranteed and some other technical details that are very important with a city of 10 million people.
So finally the decision was made to do it on Sunday the 8th of June. This is not the best date because of the lack of young tourists like you can find in January. But instead there was a full synergy with the Brazilian crowd.
In Brazil this business is still underground, as everywhere in the world after all...Problems can occur but because we believed in the organisation we stayed with it.
I had a good feeling with the organiser, Adrian Halter. The guy is like a statue. He doesn’t move no matter what. He worked on that project for three years and the cancellation for him was like a nightmare. But we decided to follow him and with the success we had and the vibes we felt our faith has been repaid. It’s going to be a success for the next 50 years.

[/center]Us: How did new Space World Tour star Mazi (alias Audio Soul Project find it?
Him: Mazi came with his family. That was cool. I would say that this guy is just amazing, being at his level of djing, of excellence. He played for 6 hours. He is Persian and said the last time he saw so many people it was the revolution in Iran.
People were coming on the truck, coming to him, underground dj from the deep north of Brazil saying ‘I have your record, your music is great’. That’s a good feeling I guess.

Us: How great are Brazilians?
Him: I love Brazil, I have a special affection for that country. I love the carefree people of Brazil. There is no segregation in Brazil. There will never be segregation in Brazil. There’s a mixity between the black, the super white, the Chinese and so on... It’s one of the countries of the 21st century. the Bazilian people have this way of doing parties no matter what. We run a residence in Anzu, Sao Paulo, since a year now. I have to say that only from this exciting experience, we knew Space and Brazil fits perfect.


Us: Who else had a float?
Him: There was like 20 floats. A lot cancelled at the last moment because they were not sure it was going to happen and now it’s like the peak season for clubbing in Europe so not everybody could come, but Ministry of Sound made the move and I have to say they had a beautiful truck with an amazing dj whose name I don’t remember. There were some trucks from Switzerland, from France with Rex Club associated to infamous french techno pionneer "Automatik", Chinese and Taiwan´s promoters showed how the music makes the people come together by holding a truck together, was a message of peace and tolerance in perfect equation with the RioParade spirit. It was like really eclectic, a lot real quality music for everybody. Around 120 DJs from the Local and International scene.
(see bottom for full list of floats)[center][/center]
Us: How long did it go for?
Him: Usually in Brazil everybody is late. We were supposed to leave at 3.36pm -not that that was ever going to happen - but we left 2 hours before that. Not that many people were there at the beginning because people were betting on the night. Then in one hour we get like hundreds thousands people all around the trucks.
At 8 the parades stopped at in front of the Nacional Biblioteca and then we had a huge party on a massive stage till midnight.
There is a big difference between the Parade and the Carnival which is Latino music orientated. It is a different way of moving the body than electronic music. All in a sexy trance. That was a moment. It must be in the genes of Brazilian people. It reminded me of the ’88 summer of love in Ibiza with the sharing of love with no barriers. With hundreds thousands of people in the streets, there’s no fights, in a city who can be dangerous as Rio everybody was like sharing with everybody the whole time.
Us: What’s this about a letter from the pres?
Him: After 3 years of fighting for the promoter, it was so huge a success that he received a telegram from the president of Brazil, Lula da Silva, and the prefectura of Rio de Janeiro. It offered their congratualtions and hoped that next week the next one can be confirmed on May 30th 2004. Which is now.

Full list of floats:

- Ministry of Sound (London)
- Space (Ibiza)
- Fast Forward Parade (Rotterdam)
- Parada da Paz Sao Paulo (Brazil)
- Planet Groove (Nova Iorque, EUA)
- Cheesebeat (Pequim, China / Taipei, Taiwan)
- Club Rex/Automatik/Sygno(Paris)
- Tresor (Berlin)
- Energy (Zurich)
- Matrix & D-3000 (Berlin)
- Movement (London)
- X-Demente Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Partnerships with social programs in Brazil were established by the organization of RioParade 2003. Together with Fome Zero Program, created and conducted by the Brazilian government, there were two stands where the participants donated food. Another important social program, Fique Sabendo, which stresses the importance of AIDS tests, distributed 50,000 condoms during the parade.[center]

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