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Go BackLEADHEAD HEAD CHECK – Five minutes in Space with handsome revolutionary Tom Stephan

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Tom Stephan is one of those guys who doesn’t have to try hard to be cool. Young without being dumb, talented without a ‘tude, you’d never begrudge him his success.

And successful he is, though Mr Stephan came to Space today through an interesting maze of plot twists and turns.

Born in 1970, he spent his adolescence in upstate New York whereupon the then-Depeche Mode fan was reluctantly taken to Junior Vasquez at the Sound Factory.
An understandable instant conversion later, he found his way to London where he studied film and partied his arse off at Trade etc. A few thousand hours in the studio eventually resulted in ’Revolution’, the smash club hit which peeled paint off the walls in DC10 and other clubs a few years back. Now he keeps company with tribal A-listers like Danny Tenaglia and Peace Division, and has remixed Kylie and Basement Jaxx amongst others.

We accosted him in the bar just outside the foyer of Space, and got the following comments.

How was Madrid?
We played at a party after the Gay Pride march that was in venue that had been turned into a concert venue from like a pool room. It was very cool.

Do you play in Spain very often?
No, that was the first time I’ve ever played in Madrid. This is my third year here in Ibiza.

Hot enough for you?
Yes, definitely.

Were you surprised when Danny Tenaglia announced he wasn’t coming to Ibiza?
I wasn’t surprised because I already knew. He told me he wasn’t coming, but I didn’t know exactly why except he said he couldn’t make up his mind where to play which sounds like a not too bad of a reason. I know it’s important for him to be in New York.

Are you playing here very often this year?
I dunno yet. We’ll have to see how it goes today.

Would you like a drink?
Yes, a coke.

When was the first time you came to Space?
Actually it was only two years ago.

How was it?
Really good. Sunday night, same as this. Clive Henry was playing.

What other clubs do you like?
Dc10. That and here are probably two of the best.

What else do you have scheduled this week?
I’ve got one day off. I’m definitely gonna be at the beach. I think maybe I’ll check out Roger Sanchez tomorrow.

And later this year?
I’ve got my new Superchumbo record coming out. I’m test pressing at the moment, and it’ll be out by the end of the summer. It’s going to be called ‘This Beat Is’. And I’ve just done a remix for Peace Division and a remix for Seal. And for the next couple of weeks I’m just traveling. Go from here back to London then over to the States for a week.[center]


Words by Christopher Reeve (pre-accident)