Project Mayhem/After Dark Industry Social 9 @ Jazid
Wednesday 20th, March 201321:00 PM - 05:00 AM

Special Guest Host's
Ms Eazy, Geo Lopez, After Dark Mark, and Rob Analyze!!

Go Go Dancers for the night are Reign & Nicole Ponder

Mc's for the night Whiskey Pete Mc & MiC E.P.

Event will be filmed on high definition by Gen-X-Glow and be aware we will be
interviewing the artists playing at the social

VJ Matt G (Visual Artist)

Jen Lasher
Sporty-O & Keith MacKenzie
Fixx & ill DJ Chris B
DJ Godfather
Curtis B vs Rob Analyze
Nerd Rage
DJs From Mars
Urban J (Live P.A)
Agent K vs Bella
Ideal VS J-Break
Malo vs Eartight
Jimmy Joslin & KJ
Aaron Sigmon vs Skitch
FACTORe vs Eddie Light vs Shaykee
Johny Breaks
Proxxy & Lantern Rel1 VS Frenzy
TooleTime vs Swagkerr Mondo
Tommy Rize
Dj Nikita vs Dj Tweezy
Southern Bass All Stars
Death By Bacon


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