ADE - Sticky Green & Rhythm Convert(ed) present: Tom Hades at Odeon
Sunday 20th, October 201314:00 PM - 22:00 PM

On the last day of the Amsterdam Dance Event the spotlights are on the man behind the Rhythm Convert(ed) label, due to a special happening in his music career. Tom Hades has proved himself by being a consistent producer and DJ within the international scene for many years now. The result of his hard work is a great discography with releases on the world’s biggest labels and thousands of people worldwide, gathered to enjoy his music and the ever smiling face behind the decks. Years went by and secretly he has been working in his studio on a solo project. Nobody knew, but the time is here to let the world know..

We are proud to present: TOM HADES his first ALBUM called 'The Missing Touch'. Celebrated with a 2hrs set, on the official ADE after party hosted by Sticky Green and Rhythm Convert(ed).

TOM HADES 2hrs set
Supporting artists from both labels are:
♫ Rhythm Convert(ed) ♫
Roel Salemink
Sören Aalberg

♫ Sticky Green ♫

Kjeld Langeveld
Bas Thomas
Tim Gruppe
Joost Toast

Check out the after movie of our last year’s ADE experience

[Note: There are only 200 tickets available to this exclusive gathering, purchasable in three stages]
★ Decisive Fan Ticket €15,-
★ True Fan ticket (Including: Tom Hades | The Missing Touch Album) €17,50,-
★ Last Minute Fan Ticket €17,50,-

Get your ticket(s) now:

More info:
Tom Hades

Sticky Green | |

Rhythm Convert(ed) |


ADE - Sticky Green & Rhythm Convert(ed) present: Tom Hades at Odeon

Cost: Fan Ticket €17,50


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