(Art of the) Muse w Tale of Us, Nikos
Saturday 23rd, November 2013 23:00 PM - 06:00 AM


Fear not though! The party will go on under a different name, a difference concept and a different disguise. Like the Phoenix bird had to die to be reborn of its ashes, stronger and better, similarly Krush has to die to give its place to (Art of the) Muse.

The inspiration for the name came from the literal definition of the word music. In ancient Greek music means 'art of the muses'. In plain words, the art of the goddesses that were also protectors of literature and dance. Ain't that sound perfect? That's all we need for a perfect music party. A bit o' theory, a bit o' fun, good tunes and a good dance. Tada!!!

Special emphasis will be paid to the presentation of the musical element and how it is conveyed to you.

Big launch is on November 23 with first on the helm the notorious dark techno duo Tale of us. We couldn't think of a better way to kick off.

The italian duo caught the world by surprise with their very first release, a (collab with Shaun Reeves) remix on Jay Haze, back in 2010. Their second attempt is probably the most memorable; that was the remix on label partners' Thugfucker Discognome. They then defined a new sound for electronic music and especially for techno, which was dying for a fresh breath. Tale of us' sound blurred the margins between techno, house and disco and introduced a new sound, which was later to be called the Life and Death sound.


Category: Nightlife
Keywords: art of the muse, Nikos, Tale Of Us, tba, london
Artists Or Speakers: Nikos, Tale Of Us

Cost: £10 - £20


Promoter: Juke Box PR
Venue: TBA - East London Warehouse
Address:  London, UK,
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