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Friday 25th, October 201323:00 PM - 06:00 AM

From politically incorrect prog-rock to funky r&b, from trendy hip hop to banging German techno: if it gets a crowd going, the Dewaele brothers aka 2manydjs have it in their record collection and have threaded it all together into one mesmerising and unpredictable set at just about every good festival and club around the globe.

Joining David and Stephen are French dance music’s missing links and old school originators Cassius. Their sound is one that combines the pop appeal, the heavyweight underground groove and the sheer brilliance of Air, Daft Punk and Dimitri.

The Geodome tonight will be a disco affair hosted by Edits with scene legend Greg Wilson playing alongside a few new school heroes such as Scotland’s The Revenge and Edits resident Slaves to the Pleasure.


Category: Nightlife
Keywords: Greg Wilson, Cassius, 2 many djs, control, The Revenge, leeds, facebook.
Artists Or Speakers: Greg Wilson and The Revenge., 2manydjs, Cassius.

Cost: £10/£15


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