Asylum - THE END and 10th Anniversary
Saturday 26th, October 201322:00 PM - 07:00 AM


It's time to close the doors forever on the Asylum story, which seems very fitting on it's 10th Anniversary. I can safely say the last ten years have been the best of my life. From opening the doors at the Mint club in 2003 with Winston Hazel and Desi Rocca our main aim was to bring something fresh and underground to the city, our motto 'if it's good music... play it' regardless of what genre it comes from. Luckily for us the people of Leeds shared the same passion and enthusiasm for the music, but of course they would it's Leeds! From our humble beginnings we soon had a packed club swinging from the camo netting week in week out, still to this day I have never seen a club go as crazy as when Jazzy Jeff took to the decks scratching up his selection of wonky beats and disco treats! And then came the clown we know so well as Circo Loco, we were one of the first to bring the brand to the UK, it caused total chaos for Val and the Mint club team as people would fly in from all over Europe to see us showcase the red hot beats of Monday's craziest party from the white Isle. The Mint club is where our heart lies so, it only seems fitting to go out with a bang at one of their venues. There are so many amazing acts that I wanted to include for the closing but I'm sure you will agree I've selected the 'top gun' of Asylum's previous guests for the final curtain call!


Category: Nightlife
Keywords: crazy p, Kerri Chandler, asylum, mint warehouse, PBR Streetgang.
Artists Or Speakers: crazy p, Kerri Chandler, PBR Streetgang.

Cost: £12 / £20


Mint Warehouse
Water Lane, Leeds, UK, LS11 9UD
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