HOLIC HALLOWEEN at Victorian Vaults
Saturday 26th, October 201322:00 PM - 06:00 AM

Many moons ago...

A young boy Tomoki is left spellbound by the old masters of 4x4. Listening from a distance he is suffused with deep rhythmic splendour and witnesses lightning strike the dancefloor — splitting it clean and evenly in two halves. On one side comes to rest a shimmering mass of economic robotony, now placid in its shortage of natural resource. Crashing down on the other are the restless remains of past fervour, sensitive flesh yearning for fresh adventure.

Seeing this break — his path forever changed — Tomoki is inspired to harness the raw power of House. 

He enrols at Holborn institution The End, excelling at audio alchemy, and as a student there, bottles bass-heavy blends under the name Holic. Some short years later, pursuing a doctorate at WOMB Tokyo he develops his most contagious product — a highly viscous melodic tonic known as Holic Trax Juinchi. Meticulously he fuses these colourful compounds and in doing so, develops a secret technique that imbues inanimate bodies with life. 


With Holic as a makeshift lab, these loose limbs become Deepensteins of the Pranet Clunk.

On Saturday 26 October, with an enriched formula and a team of leading scientists, Tomoki and his colleagues perform this controversial practice at The Victorian Vaults on Funktion One sound. It's Halloween in London and nobody's left untouched.....

Yup, that's right get ya ghoul on! It's Halloween biaxxh


The Victorian Vaults | 82 Great Eastern St EC2A 3JF


Tomoki Tamura (Doublet | HOLIC TRAX)

Robert Outch ( Love Fever)

Rupes & Nic Baird (Make Me)

Bruno Balbino ( Bunker 194)

Lookleft ( Pets Recordings | Holic London

danny. (Bushes)

Cost: 8GBP-15GBP


Victorian Vaults
82 Great Easter st, london, US, EC2A 3HU

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