White Jail 2nd Year Anniversary Special with Akufen(Perlon) and The Mole(Ostgut Ton) at Corsica Studios
Saturday 16th, November 201322:00 PM - 06:00 AM

Akufen ( Musique Risquee - Perlon )
The Mole ( Maybe Tomorrow - Ostgut Ton - Perlon)
Thanksmate (White Jail)
Roberto Amo (White Jail)
Isherwood ( Lize Records - Haring Tones)
Peter Glasspool ( Rogue Society )
Lock Eyes (White Jail)
Modula (White Jail)



Since humble beginnings WHITE JAIL has grown into one of the most reputable and innovative brands whilst still managing to push forward their own style of deep house and techno with promising residents and some of the most important DJs around the globe ; Octave One, Jay Haze,Phil Weeks, Troy Pierce, Federico Molinari, Rio Padice and Marc Schneider to name a handful. 

However, it’s not all about finest music as White Jail has become known as one of the most exciting and fun places to be for party people alike. With three head as Thanksmate & Roberto Amo behind the wheels it’s easy to see how their passion for the WJ sound has bring the family on the next level, this parties became “must attend” events on the club calendar and were quickly sold.

For The birthday WJ want to deliver something unique as gift for all the people been following the family in the last two years and so


Marc Leclair aka AKUFEN has come a long way in the six years since the release of his now-classic debut album, My Way (Force Inc. 2002). In that time he’s garnered a reputation as one of the planet’s most in-demand DJ’s – not to mention one of the scene’s most talented – delivering prime-time sets to exuberant crowds all over the world.

He’s started his own label, Musique Risquée. And bucking all expectations, his follow-up to My Way was not another Akufen mission statement, but an altogether different beast, Musique pour 3 femmes enceintes (Mutek_Rec, 2005), released under his own name, which showcased a more experimental bent to his restless sense of artistry.

You could say that, true to his credo, Marc Leclair still does things his way.

For a lot of producers, the Akufen way has simply become the way to assemble tracks. After the release of My Way, Leclair was humbled by the unparalleled accolades and legions of admiring peers who began paying homage to his micro-sampling aesthetic. And yet, for Leclair, like any true artist, making music has always been a matter of where to go next, to find those stones still left unturned.


The Mole (a.k.a. Colin de la Plante) certainly isn't the only Canadian producer who's set up shop in the dancefloor-friendly confines of Berlin, but he's surely one of the most accomplished. Though the veteran producer maintains a relatively low profile, his resume is impressive by just about any standard. 
Today, The Mole calls Berlin his home. The years have been good and the nights are long. His acclaimed 2008 album 'As HIgh As The Sky' contained the immortal soundtrack to our lives 'Baby, You're The One'. 2009 saw the birth of 7 Inches Of Love, a brainchild of The Mole and pal Kooch - these little nuggets that are cherished by the few that find them. 2010 saw him back with his brethren, recording and touring together with Cobblestone Jazz and the outcome was the aptly titled LP 'The Modern Deep Left Quartet' and the recent blossoming in 2011 and 2012 of three limited 12' singles on Wagon Repair Ltd. 


Happy two years family.
Cost: 10£\15£\20£


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