Melt Music vs Marmo Music at Basing House
Saturday 16th, November 201322:00 PM - 04:00 AM

Line-up =
Pako S b2b Genny G 
Monika Ross
Promoter =
Melt Music London
Melt Music VS Marmo Music from Berlin....

After our amazing party at Renate in berlin last June in collaboration with Marmo Music we couldn't wait to bring over them and Share here at Our home LONDON some quality sound from one of them own Headliner ... RUFUS 

Also for this experience we wanted to bring over a quality b2b that is rocking at moment in italy and abroad with them own Label Deependance ... Pako S & Genny G 

And of course our Super Resident Monika Ross will be the cherry of our melt cake ;) 



Niccolo`Daniel Rufo, better known as Rufus, is to date one of the most forward-thinking and innovative djs to emerge from the Italian electronic music scene. His restless research into both old school and the freshest forms of dance music have inspired many Italian artists gravitating around the Bosconi Records circuit and the Florence scene. His talent scouting and artistic ideas for Bosconi are behind some of the most important label`s releases, Altz, Riccio, Rondenion, Oliverwho Factory, Altered Natives, Ricardo Miranda, Dj Nature, The Revenge, Mark E To have an ultimate taste of his class.





Cost: £10 - £15


Basing House
25 Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, London, LONDON, UK, E2 8AA
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