BerMuDa: Exercise One Album Release Party @ Tresor
Thursday 07th, November 2013 Starts at 22:59 PM


Live: Exercise One (Exone)
Jeremy P. Caulfield (Dumb Unit, Vakant)
Nico Lahs (8Bit, Ovum)
Dave Vega (Exone)


Venue: Tresor Club
Address:  Köpenikerstr. 59-73, Berlin, DE, 10179
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Tresor ClubWhen the day of judgement for dance music arrives, Tresor Club can feel satisfied with its status as one of the rocks upon which the whole culture was founded. From beginnings in 1991 Tresor Club represented not only the start of a new cultural movement of dance music but of Berlin's own rebirth after the destruction of the Berlin wall. Style wise, it was like a mini-Berghain, a disused vault defined by steel, concrete and damp walls. Musically, it provided the breeding ground for Berliners like Paul Van Dyk and Dr Motte.

Through the 90s it was inextricably linked to Detroit techno with Jeff Mills and Juan Atkins big influences through both the club and Tresor record label. It is somewhat ironic that due its location near Potsdamer Platz, which has in the last 20 years become a centrepoint for 'New' Berlin, in 2005 the club was forced to leave its original site and relocated in 2007. The new venue, an old power station, is even more industrial and disused than the original, including some of the same features such as iron bars to separate the DJ booth. Moreover, although the big names are less frequent nowadays, the Tresor Club sound is still very much alive in the renowned techno and trance orientated programming. 

Paul Van Dyk reveals 'As Berlin is my home, I grew up loving the dirty basement, clubbing atmosphere in places like Tresor.'

Tip: Find the basement through a dark, long and imposing tunnel. You first…….!