Into The Valley 2017 at Rummu Qarry, Estonia
Friday 30th, June 2017Starts at 12:00 PM

So far
Renaat R & S
Anna Hanna
The Black Madonna
Marcel Dettmann
More artists TBA...

Into The Valley, in Dalhalla, Sweden is the mothership where it all started back in 2015. The idea was to use an unexpected location to create a new, unique experience where nothing was left to chance when it came to music, art, technology, food and beverage. The idea is still the same, but the venue is new. Coincidentally, the new l ocation also happens to be an old abandoned quarry located in Rummu, Estonia.

Into the Valley is constantly evolving and improving, but also growing together with new crowds from all over the world. Therefore, a move to a new setting had to take place. The date for Into The Valley 20 17 is June 29–July 1.

The Rummu quarry is surrounded by lush nature and crystal clear water, with an attached little beach. The area also includes an abandoned prison taking the visitor back in time – far away from reality. Rumours has it that the prison used to be one of the worst of its time and we believe that it’s now time for music and joy to seize the place.

Into The Valley will still focus on the advanced electronic music, that is the very core of the festival.

First release tickets out now:

23 years age limit on all festivals. A limited under 23 tickets are available

Into The Valley at Rummu Qarry, Estonia


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