Acidic Force at Berghain / Panorama Bar - Berlin
Thursday 12th, October 201723:59 PM - 11:00 AM

Line Up

Hardfloor (live)

Säule opens every Thursday inside Berghain.


Berghain Panorama Bar
70 Am Wriezener Bahnhof, Friedrichshain, Berlin, DE, 10243
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Berghain  Panorama BarArguably the best club in the world right now, this place is quite simply a mecca for the most avant-garde underground deep house, minimal and techno. Set in an imposing old power plant, which previously hosted a fetish club until 2003, the industrial Berghain main room is of colossal proportions, defying the 1500 capacity, and is clad in steel and concrete with not one single mirror. The hedonism makes Studio 54 look like a boy scout's meeting - people (gay men mainly) make no secret about having sex in open - and cameras (even on phones) are strictly prohibited. These conditions, coupled with only the finest Grade A artists from the underground scene, make for a unique rave experience. Upstairs is the more intimate and lighter house sounds of the Panoramabar, although when I say lighter we're including guests like Carl Craig, Guy Gerber, Shinedoe and Paul Woolford in that description.  

Bruno Pronsato has called playing panoramabar 'a liberating experience'. He adds 'you are bound by no 'club rules' and the people pretty much *expect* something different than the typical club fare. when i play there i typically set something up more along the lines of an hour long aural experience as opposed to an hour of hits. it's lovely.'

Tip: Berghain is only open on Saturday night, when the club doesn't start until midnight and carries on well until Sunday evening. Fridays are Panoramabar only.