Trend & Opinion 2017
 For the first in our series of features casting an eye on the year’s biggest events, we turn our focus to the start of the year
2017 In Review: The Year’s Biggest Moments :: 1-5
Words by By Susan Howard
Posted the: 22/12/17 17:29
Why Ibiza needs to get real about clubs and lead from the front in integrating nightlife with its local communities
For The Record: Why San An’s 3am Club Ban Is Madness
Words by By I Voice
Posted the: 12/12/17 14:53
At last a positive news story in the global fight to keep clubs open.
For the Record: The World Should Follow Berlin’s Lead in Soundproofing Clubs
Words by By BenRaven
Posted the: 5/12/17 16:39
The Rainbow Venues in Birmingham is the latest UK club to have its licence revoked for drug deaths.
For The Record: Isn't It Time Clubs Weren't Held Accountable For Drug Deaths?
Words by By I Voice
Posted the: 29/11/17 14:57
The curious condition of the flash in the pan DJ and how to handle yourself when dance music’s big time beckons
For The Record: New DJs Don’t Get Above Your Station
Words by By Ben Raven
Posted the: 28/11/17 12:45
The latest story to attract the negativity and ire of dance music’s bitterest commentators is news of underground Resistance teaming up with Carhartt on a new UR line of clothing
For The Record: the 'Underground' Died a Long Time Ago
Words by By I Voice
Posted the: 21/11/17 13:40
Are the sexual misconduct scandals to hit dance music just the tip of the iceberg?
For The Record: Is This the Quiet Before the Storm for Sexual Misconduct in Dance Music?
Words by By I Voice
Posted the: 17/11/17 18:41
Metalheadz label manager, Ant TC1 selects five new drum ’n’ bass artists about to blow up
Drum ’N’ Bass Acts to Watch in 2018
Words by By Ant TC1
Posted the: 14/11/17 16
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