Interview 2013
Interview with Cassy
Cassy: I choose new resolutions every day, not just at New Year...
Words by By Henry McGraw
Posted the: 27/12/13 9:50
Interview with Joseph Capriati
Joseph Capriati's Self Portrait: “I wanted to create the music that is inside of me”
Words by By Angus Thomas Paterson
Posted the: 19/12/13 10:22
Interview with Roby and George G from Premiesku
Premiesku: "Music is a land without barriers of any kind"
Words by By Stephen Flynn
Posted the: 17/12/13 9:06
Interview with Mexican producer Eduardo Pinto
Pinto: “I'm not a talker. I always Let The Music Do the Talking”
Words by By Tom Jones
Posted the: 12/12/13 7:22
Interview with Djebali
Djebali: “Music has no limits”
Words by By Dave Jenkins
Posted the: 10/12/13 9:04
Interview with Jay Donaldson, aka Palms Trax
Palms Trax: Rough Around The Edges?
Words by By Paul Corey
Posted the: 9/12/13 8:39
Interview with the mysterious A Sagittariun
A Sagittariun: Techno's Masked Dreamweaver
Words by By Peter Adkins
Posted the: 4/12/13 7:29
Interview with Mendo
Mendo: "It looks like the quantity is more important than the quality nowadays..."
Words by By Ralph Turner
Posted the: 3/12/13 8:16
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