In The Groove with Trunkfunk... Interview with Trunkfunk founder, Berlin-based, Gothenburg-born Fredrik Nyberg AKA NIBC
Trunkfunk... In The Groove: "We’ve covered a lot of different areas of music over the years."
Words by By William Wynne-Morgan
Posted the: 15/12/15 8:40
In The Groove with Invade Records - Interview with Ilario Liburni
Invade Records... In The Groove: "How on earth could I’ve forgotten this track?"
Words by By William Wynne-Morgan
Posted the: 10/12/15 9:38
In The Groove with Little Helpers - Interview with Andrew Rasse aka Butane
Little Helpers... In The Groove: "No hype, just quality"
Words by By William Wynne-Morgan
Posted the: 19/11/15 8:48
In The Groove with KMusic - Interview with label owner James Kumo
KMusic... In The Groove: "Small independent labels should get more support..."
Words by By Hollie Cunningham
Posted the: 10/11/15 8:05
In The Groove with The Pool House - Interview
The Pool House: "Being based out of Chicago, the birth place of House has influenced us greatly."
Words by By Hollie Cunningham
Posted the: 3/11/15 8:13
In The Groove with Real Nois - Interview
Real Nois... In The Groove: "Be creative, whether that’s music or art"
Words by By Henry McGraw
Posted the: 28/10/15 9:39
In The Groove with Extravaganza - Interview with Taster Peter
Extravaganza... In The Groove: "We are talking about one thing… just good music!"
Words by By Hollie Cunningham
Posted the: 6/10/15 9:36
In The Groove with Something Happening Somewhere - Interview with founder DJ/producer Nuno Dos Santos
Something Happening Somewhere... In The Groove: "SoHaSo will always be about releasing good music"
Words by By Mantis Kane
Posted the: 14/9/15 9:38
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