New Music in Review - April 20

Words by: Daisy Plimmer
Posted: 20/4/18 12:42
Dam Funk bringing the Friday vibes


This week we’re switching up the format of our new music round-up. We hope you enjoy...

Manuel Moreno - Ghost on Hive Audio 

Reducing a track to just a few elements is not enough to make it a decent bit of minimal, as Manuel Moreno perfectly demonstrates here. He fails to cook up any real atmosphere or feelings on ‘Ghost’. Instead, a staid bassline rolls beneath a few out-of-the-box FX and lazy claps. The addition of a breathy spoken word vocal is a desperate attempt to imbue the thing with emotion, but instead it leaves you feeling detached.


Aitor Ronda - Loveration on Terminal M 

This is Terminal M’s 149th release and, if nothing else, it proves their formula for dry, stripped back techno has run dry. There is no sense of suspense from the tediously drawn out lead synth, no power in the drums and no element of surprise anywhere at all. It’s like watching a washing machine cycle that gets stuck with one minute to go and never actually ends. 


Flashmob - The Lone Brazilian on Hot Creations

Flashmob is an Italian, so quite what he thinks he’s doing making a track called ‘The Lone Brazilian’ is anyone’s guess. The worst bit is just how cheap an approximation of a Latin house sound it really is with its obvious female chanting and drums so limp and lifeless they make the Christ the Redeemer statue look positively animated. If Brazil is a land of craziness and colour, this is the annoying grey mist which often lingers in the air round Sugarloaf Mountain. 


DJ Seinfeld - Sakura on Deep Sea Frequency 

Seinfeld has been on a mission to rid himself of the lo-fi house association pretty much since the day he was tagged with it. This EP is his best step in that direction yet, and shows he has plenty in his locker. It’s a dark bit of electro with a frazzled bassline. But it still has shades of his subtly euphoric style in the cosmic keys and playful lead melody line that is hidden off in the distance. When the voice of an angelic robot rings out in the breakdown, it’s a real moment. 


Leroy Hutson - Lucky Fellow on Acid Jazz

A spate of recent re-releases of this American R&B pioneer’s work—and one of his tracks opening up Kerri Chandler’s excellent DJ Kicks—has put him back in the spotlight. And rightly so. His voice sounds like Stevie Wonder and his playing chops are not far behind. The big lead sax and soaring strings on this golden bit of soul are a perfect compliment for his heart swelling vocals. 


TAPP - Blow It Up on Slow to Speak 

Paul Nickerson and Francis Englehardt, who run this label, know house music like no others. They also run the famously acerbic Dope Jams record store (often dissing half the things they stock) and put out pure gold, and pure gold only. This is a reissue of a bumping slab of 130bpm house from 1995 with classic Larry Heard chords and a proper sleazy vocal. It’s got bounce and depth to spare, and if it doesn’t ignite a dance floor, fuck that dance floor. 


Dam Funk - European Nites on Glydezone 

Dam Funk is a future funk master. All four of the cuts on his new one ooze boogie appeal, gorgeous retro chords and hazy sunny day grooves that immediately make you feel the heat on your face. His pixelated synths burrow deep into your brain and those dry claps are to die for as you sink ever further into the grass and light up another doobie. 

Now listen to a mix. Think of it as a sorbet:


Lauren Lo Sung
Erick Morillo
Valentino Kanzyani